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[NSW] The roads out west, Sun May 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, May 14, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Russell

    A mate and i will be heading out oberon way to explore different riding roads, we might run down meggalong valley( i think its called) and bells line on the way back. Everyone is welcome to come along, it will be an easy paced ride sticking to the spee...

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  2. I'll be a liddle bit late, but i should be able to catch up to you guys with a few shortcuts :grin:
  3. dammit im working till 3 :evil:
    sorry russ. i might come and meet you guys somewhere near the end if you do the traditional richmond maccas bit.

  4. was at oberon just a couple of weeks ago, for a car rally, fun... the firetrails out that way are real good but not for bikes.
  5. Ok thats good to know just have to see where the road takes us.
    Yeah we should finish up at richmond maccas sometime around darkish lol
  6. Gents,

    As Dom has also said, will have to meet you after the ride as i will be at the AFL trying to further the career with the BIG boss. Starts at 12:30pm, does anyone know how long it takes to play aerial ping pong?
  7. 3-5 months. :wink:
  8. :LOL: Bummer!!! Maybe i will not be meeting up with you all as intended. Just got the tickets the game starts at 1:10pm. I am sure you will all have a good time and my thoughts will be with you while sucking down as much free beer as humanly possible \:D/ wont rub in the huge amounts of seafood as it all tastes crap to me!
  9. Due to the lack of interest i am going to change things around a bit and set a route as follows leaving campbelltown at 7.30 to get to penrith at 8.30 and leave there by 9.
    campbelltown - penrith, 54km
    penrith - jenolan caves, 113km
    jenolan caves - oberon, 41km
    oberon - bathurst, 73km
    bathurst - lithgow, 62km
    lithgow - richmond, 81km
    richmond - campbelltown 68km

    If you want to come along post up and ill see you there.
  10. Argh crap, that buggers me up a lil, i'll see what I can do but i'm supposed to be playing music at mass at 9:30, i'll try and get outta it though :cry:
  11. The ride sounds great. I live in the mountains, I can join from there.

    Does the shell roadhouse at Lithgow work? I guess you'll be there around 9:30..?
  12. Usually we stop at maccas at lithgow but that will be on the way back. I would expect to be there slightly after lunch sometime but its hard to put an exact time on it as i havent done the route before. Maybe you would like to meet up before the caves?

    Ill call you tonight paul
  13. Ive tried to get the title edited but ive had no luck.
    KK at penrith will be the meeting point, ill be there at 8.30 and will be leaving there at 9.
    Ive just got back from a drive that i went on late last night to check out the route and roads, thanks to my mates that done the driving.
    It was cold but the roads are good. There is a little bit of debree on the road at jenolan caves but apart from that all is clear. The road surfaces looked really good especially around Mt Panorama which was my first time there, cant wait to do a lap around there on the bike, sticking strictly to the speed limit as there is a heavy police prescence there, so ive heard.
    There are plenty of fuel stations along the way and plenty of places to eat at, we can discuss food and fuel stops along the way so that will keep everybody happy.
    Cheers Russell