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[NSW] The Ranch Social Dinner, Wed Oct 18th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    The Ranch Social Dinner

    Dinner at The Ranch (formerly known as El Rancho) 7pm Wednesday October the 18th

    The ranch is Located on the corner of Epping Road and Herring Rd, Entrance is on Herring Rd.

    See you all there!!!

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  2. ok this time around i am going to make a booking. i will make it for 15-20 people. :LOL:
  3. That would be perfect.
  4. Dante! Booking a table for my birthday! You shouldn't have! :)
  5. hmmmm, two days before the Three Points Ride hmmmm
  6. its my gift to you! :p :p :p :p :p
  7. Damn! Gonna have to miss out on this one. "Finally" I hear you all say? :) Gonna stay in the mountains for a few days with the fam. If I weren't caging, I'd come back for that, but what's fun in driving down? :)
  8. Dodging Mosman-based 4WD-driving chiffon-wearing socialites?
  9. err, Romus, you are still doing the Three Points Ride, I take it, PLUS the family thingy??
  10. Oh yea Hornet. I'll be back on thursday.
  11. I'm not definite yet.
    I may turn up, I may not turn up.
    Have not made my mind up yet.
    I'll make it up soon.
    Its just a busy week for me.
  12. im not sure if i will get there, been a bit ill lately.

    then there's that thing that happened to me last time. i got KISSED on the MOUTH by a DYKE. i was on one leg, she had me by the shoulders. i was ducking and weaving but when i started to loose my balance she got me.

    similar thing happened later with a fellow [phew]. played chess with dante online till about 5am. turned out to be quite a bender. think i'll see you at the november ranch night.
  13. I've changed my mind, i'm coming tomorrow. ;)
    Lets hope I don't change my mind again !
  14. your a worry monsta mike.

    dont care if you come or not lol im going to get me a $6.50 roast :) will book a table in the morning :)
  15. Now I wonder what could have made him change his mind? Not the roast of the day :wink:

  16. nope !
    The pecan and macadamia cake ! hmmmm :grin:
  17. I am sitting next to Micky! :LOL:
  18. Only if you promise I don't have to spoon feed you this time.
    You know I only reserve that for candle lit dinners and especially not in front of the Netrider gang !! . . geez ! I can't show my softy side can I !!!, kind of defeats the whole Monster image :eek:

    . . . monster mike runs and hides and thinks about not coming tonight ! :LOL:
  19. Don't worry about the pecan pie, save some space for the lemon meringue pie, with cream and ice cream, yummo!!
  20. 34 deg today and possibility of some storms tonight.
    so we might be -
    Out on the patio we sit,
    In the humidity we breath,
    We'll be watching the lightning over the sydney skyline,
    laugh and think . . . our bikes getting wet !! :rofl: