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[NSW] The Oxley is on again, Fri Feb 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Terry (Tex) O'Grady

    This will be a three day run over some of the best motorcycling roads in Australia. L's & P's are encouraged to attend, ask questions, observe more experienced riders, build character, have fun, no one will be left behind and safety will be paramount....

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  2. Wooooo its on again! :LOL:

    Count me in on this one. I've been meaning to do another oxley run before uni starts
  3. Just put the request in to not be rostered on the friday, assuming its a go I'll be coming.
  4. I wish I could, but I'm back at work on the Saturday :cry:

    If you get a few, I can arrange great accomodation for you if you want it.

  5. That's a bummer about work mate, we will just have to do another run when ur free.
    I appreciate ur offer on the accomodation and once i've got confirmation of numbers we can sort it out.

    Hopefully all this rain will be well and truly gone by the 1st of Feb.

    For those that want/are going please make sure ur bike is ready for this trip, ie; plenty of rubber, running well, steering head bearings , chains/sprockets in good cond' etc.
    All going well we will be covering around 2,500klms of which the majority is made up of awsome open road and twisties. Enjoy!

    Tex & Bundy
  6. 1800 in my book?
    Is it the Nymboida loop that adds the extra km? Never ridden it, looks like some great road around there though.

    That it is! :grin:

    Tex, don't think I've met you but for walking past and saying g'day at Westmead, but would possibly tag along for the 2nd and 3rd day (arriving Port late Friday evening).

    I don't do twisties in the rain (not on purpose anyway, has happened accidentally a few times, thank you weather Gods :LOL:). Long range forecast is fine for Sydney, but high chance of rain on the Mid North Coast:


    This tends to vary quite a bit closer to the date, thankfully. Keeping a keen eye on this thread.
  7. Mmm I have to be weather dependant as well unfortunately. One of my cylinders on the SV (the front one .. yes the one exposed to the rain by the lack of front fender) likes to cut out at the first drop of rain. Just sitting at the bikeshop for a few hours it apparently started running on 1cyl, despite putting silicone grease in what I think was the right spot.. I'll be building a little flap over the cover but until then, rain is not my friend! :LOL:
  8. G'day Yak, yeah I think briefly at Westmead.
    What I should have said was 2,500klms give or take 500klms, cause depending on time available I have a few other roads I'd like to do however I don't want to overdo the daylight available or exceed some of the new riders capabilities. Remember, some riders may have never ridden more than a couple of hundred Kays in a day let alone a 1000klm day of twisties. This is a ride for everyone to enjoy, regardless of experience.
    I hope we can catch up Friday night over a beer (bundy!) and do some miles on Saturday.
    Tex & Bundy
  9. Have a great ride fellas and stay safe

    I'm heading up to Armidale on Satuday, be at Walcha around 1.00pm - imagine behind you.

    Coming back Sunday so might see you guys then.
  10. If you're doing this late Friday thing I might join in! :grin: I work on both Friday and Saturday, so it's very unlikely that I'll get both days off. But I'm pretty confident I can score the Saturday. I usually finish work at 3pm on Fridays.
  11. I am up for this all the way. It was awesome up on the Oxley today for my first run, so at least I will not be a virgin.
  12. hey tex , count me in mate , ill tell my boss im having the day off, i did a quick fix to my bike( info is in the other thead i made about it) , cant wait for a good run
  13. Bummer!!! It called kids are back home. :(

    Yes who ever goes on this ride will have a ball. :grin: :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  14. im keen for the ride, will see tomorrow if i can get the time off.
  15. I think I saw that you're on Ls? I'd suggest you retire the plate for the weekend.
  16. I'm in for the weekend if the weather is good... But I'd have to head up Friday arvo after work... Is anyone else doing this??

    I wouldn't go by myself.


    Anyways... It looks good :)
  17. speaking from experience eh Phiz??? :cool:
  18. Holly,
    Seriously, this run is not something you will enjoy, you will just get frustrated and feel like you did last time you came for a run with us. I suggest you carefully consider the distances covered and the speed they will be travelling for alot of it. :wink:
  19. was wanting to say the same thing.... even on the same run we did two months ago its 1800km... long way to go when your pissed off with everyone holly
  20. bneaver and me might be down for this one. when do we need to let you know by. I think we will be weather dependent too. No fun doing a billion kms of twisties in the rain on a naked bike (won't bring the R6 on a long trip yet).