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[NSW "The Nasho"] The story with Bald Hill

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darrin Hodges, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. I went through nasho today, was pretty ordinary, roads cold and damp and a bit of run off in a couple of corners. Stopped at Bald Hill for a coffee and had a chat with the bloke who runs the van about what they are doing with the construction. He says its a bit of a shamozzle, the council apparently keeps changing their minds and the final construction of the cafe won't be finished for another 18 months. They are going to tender out the cafe license and the van guys hope to win it but he reckons whoever ends up running it are going to have a tough time during weekdays making any money. He said residents and other interested parties voted to keep the van regardless of who runs the cafe - apparently the council had hoped to do away with it but couldn't get their way - so the van stays :).

    Today they were re-surfacing the parking area behind the van and what I thought was a to be a slab (for cafe) is infact going to be a wider footpath area with seating. They going to put in bus parking behind the carpark and a roundabout at the top entrance.

    The cafe will be going in place of the current amenities at the top.

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  2. Are they going to keep the dunnies public?
  3. Didn't ask, but I imagine it being a council park as such, the loos will remain public.
  4. Let's hope so. I don't mind the odd nature stop in the RNP but the bushwalkers never seem too impressed.
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  5. Perhaps you need to buy some of those products that are advertised by Spam for enlargement of your Gentleman bits. ;)
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  6. Wouldn't make a difference on a cold Nasho morning, cjvfrcjvfr.

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  7. As I noted in the kangaroo valley ride thread I went up there to check it out on Saturday and it's a dog's breakfast. You can bet prices at a permanent cafe are going to be sky high to compensate for the complete lack of custom during the week and the poor guy with the van will be forced out of business in the name of progress.
  8. I reckon the cafe will go belly up first, unless its somehow subsidized by the tax payer. people like the van guys.
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  9. here is the master plans...hope it doesn't get ruined...might become too much of a bus ridden horror to go near on weekends
    From the site
    In March 2013, Council adopted the Bald Hill Reserve Master Plan and secured funding from Restart Illawarra which allowed us to begin designing and planning the proposed works.
    The proposed works will include:
    • Realignment of Lady Wakehurst Drive / Otford Road to allow the construction of a roundabout at the Bald Hill Reserve entry and bus parking bays
    • A lower car park near the intersection of Lady Wakehurst Drive and Lawrence Hargrave Drive
    • An amenity block in the current location and regrading of the upper car park to provide equal access to the amenities
    • Construction of a pedestrian area around the Lawrence Hargrave memorial and connection to the lower car park
    • The development of a larger pedestrian plaza around the current food and beverage service.
    This work will take place in three stages:
    • Stage one will begin in late March 2015 and will include rebuilding the lower car park.
    • Stage two will see the road works, the roundabout, and the associated walkway constructed. This work will improve traffic safety, parking, the walkways and enhance the heritage of this wonderful area.
    • Stage three will see the amenities building rebuilt between January and late 2016. The Development Application for the construction of the amenities building will be lodged in late February 2015. An artist's impression of this building is shown at the top of this page"
    Plans maps etc here
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  10. Well they've never managed to make a go of the centre at the top of bulli and these a lot more traffic past it than Bald Hill
  11. no-one wants to stop at the top of bulli tho.. :D
    sure there's a view, but nothing else.. and getting to it from Appin road was not easy
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  12. In the link oldmaid posted it seems that the council are planning around the van so it will probably be staying but it looks like a kiosk will be built to cope with the extra demand the weekend would bring. I usually don't like it when councils dick around with beautiful spots like this but the plan looks OK to me
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    Last edited: Jun 10, 2015
    "Maintain food offering and improved coffee offering"

    that can only be a good thing :)

  14. I say - van be gone.... worst coffee ever.
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  15. Hey the coffee might be awful but it's a Mr Whippy van, what do you expect? I like their hot dogs though.
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  16. Hey Darrin we were right then re: The location of the cafe.
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  17. I have no fondness of the Van anymore. Used to be able to get a decent dog there a long time ago, but have you tried one lately ? Freaking horrid! I bought two a few weeks ago and almost threw-up, chucked 1 and a half dogs in the bin. (yes PETA talking about the food)

    However I do like the resurfacing.
  18. yeah, nah never had a hot dog there, only the coffee
  19. You have to be desperate to eat a hot-dog anywhere, though, don't you??
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  20. Oh you snobs, holding yourselves above crappy hotdogs from a Mr Whippy van. Next you'll be saying you wouldn't touch a dirty kebab.

    I may now dine at the priciest restaurants in Sydney without a second thought but I'm proud to say I've never forgotten my sweaty-hotdog-with-crusty-onion-and-what-they-claim-to-be-cheese roots.
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