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[NSW] The cat's out of the bag on speed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. David Borgia, the NSW Transport Minister, was interviewed on radio this morning, the interview including, among other things, the revenue-raising issue re cameras. He defended the Government line, that they are all about safety, and curtailing speed, adding that speed is a factor in accidents.

    A retired NSW Highway Patrol Officer rang in while the Minister was on the line. He revealed the REAL reason that politicians are able to return to the 'speed was a factor' mantra.

    When accident reports are filled out on the computer system, one of the factors contributing is, naturally, speed. BUT, the reporting officer is NOT ALLOWED to leave that field blank; even if speed is not a factor at all, he or she is required to state that it was.

    He went on to say that on THEIR statistics, speed comes in a distant SEVENTH in contributing to accidents; fatigue, drugs (before drinking), inadequate training and severall other factors are well ahead of speed.

    The unstated implication of this is, of course, that whether or not speed was or is a contributing factor in accidents, politicians will always say it was, and will elevate it to the top of the factor list, even when it ought not to be there, and thereby excuse revenue raising based on speed.
  2. Interesting read. What radio station?
  3. would love to hear a sound bite of that interview
  4. So the software design made it a mandatory field, is speed the only "option" that can be specified there did he say? I mean if its a single entry pulldown list that is pretty damning but it might have other options.
    On a lighter note, it seems "cranial/rectal proximity" should be on the list for a lot of drivers.
  5. Thanks Hornet.
  6. Something we have known all along.
    When will an honest cop stand up and reveal the truth that the whole speed thing is just a blatant revenue raising exercise?
    Even the poms are curtailing the use of speed cameras.
  7. to be pedantic, speed is always a factor as objects need to be moving relative to each to actually collide ;)
  8. I'm yet to meet a cop who actually believes the speed kills mantra. I know a few of the local coppers socially and they all say the biggest killer on the roads is a lack of concentration and people not paying attention to what is happening around them. Will they say it in the paper? I don't know, I'll ask them next time I see them.
  9. it's a shame they won't because that is the sort of thing that will earn them respect (well at least with me), not the colour of the uniforms or anything else they try
  10. :? Which part of

    did you NOT understand?
  11. I can imagine all police have a much harder job these days due to unreasonable speed policies by both the government and senior police.
  12. multiverse theory not withstanding then?
  13. Can someone also tell me if along The River Rd at Lane Cove (At the Bottom of that Steep) where the Country Club is, a known Black Spot?

    Or is this just another example of Revenue Raising???
  14. I have yet to see ONE placement of revenue cameras in my area in a position that is a dangerous accident black spot (nor do I expect that I ever will).
  15. The criteria for the mobile camera locations is a known crash/fatality history.

    The criteria does not require any of the crashes at a given site to be attributed to speeding.

    Meaning all of the accidents recorded could have been at the speed limit, but this isn't considered relevant... WTF!

    That Alan Jones guy sounds like a sensationalist nutter, but any negative media about speeding is a good thing. Other countries are slowly waking up, maybe Australia will too at some point.. can only hope
  16. The fact you live in Sydney and you've just come to that realisation is much more astounding than the fact the speed/accident statistics are total bollocks.
  17. Get Alan Jones away from the radio mic and you would be hard pressed to meet a nicer bloke, and as an aside he is a massive (dollar value) supporter of several charities... Worthy of a little respect.
  18. Some people here are impossible to please; a commentator brings into the open something which no other media person has had the courage or skill to do, and all you can do is whine about him. He has a bigger impact than whinging here, or marches or protest rallies, to the power of 1000.....