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[NSW] The Blue Gum Hotel Social Dinner, Thursday 14th 7pm

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Northern Sydney Hornsby area the Blue Gum Hotel Social Dinner

    Dinner at The Blue Gum Hotel 7pm Thursday Night October the 12th

    The Blue Gum is located on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Unwin rd Waitara

    See you all there!!!

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  2. id like to encourage any people from the central cost / gosford to try and give it a shot at making it to the venue. its not tooo longer a haul since hornsby is on the end of the f-3 . exit the f-3 at wahroonga, turn right then right towards hornsby.. blue gum is on your left near caltex parkin behind blue gum
  3. :grin:
    our backyard :LOL:
    parking entrance from Unwin Road

    Blugum is a good pub restaurant, good food, I was told, but I've only been there for drinks)
    Convenient for you westies :wink: as well... from Penant Hill Rd, prbably same distance from Northern Beaches to HBB

    Now dante, does people need passport to enter Northshore? :p
  4. no passport needed but you must be attractive to live here & know somebody who is to gain entry
  5. Sorry guys I wish I could but I can't make it. :(
  6. I'm there.

    Got band practice on Thursdays so I won't be there until about 7.45, but I will definitely get along to this. Might even bring Nicola along too.

    See you there...
  7. I have been waiting for a night ride/meet closer to the Central Coast and the first one is on when I am working night shift. Although I work in Hornsby area so I might just pop in and say hi.
  8. that would be great if you could.
  9. I think I can make this :?
  10. I'll be there. As usual. :p
  11. will be trying to give this one a go, catch ya there
  12. ahhh :cool:

    home alone or the local pub down the road with you guys

    now let me think :-k

    not difficult to choose really

    i'm there, but this time on two feet rather than two wheels. i think a bit of a stagger home could be on order :beer:
  13. As I said I can't make it, but would anyone be up for an evening run up the Old Pac to Mt White and back the F3? If anyone is I will be you guys for that.

    Sorry for shouting, just getting my point across ! :LOL:

    Kier !! . . . are you reading this ???
  15. Would be good to mosey along to this.

    But the idea of not riding to a NR event :sick: :oops:.
  16. So has the Red Dragon, ie the VTR, no longer in your possesion. :(
  17. Oh yeah and when do you leave?
  18. Nah it's in the shop and probably will be for awhile.

    Move down this Friday, start work on Monday.
  19. so are you coming to your farewell ????

    Or do we have to postpone the stipper act ? :rofl:
  20. And Kier, as soon as you find some good twisties down there, let us know and I'm sure a bunch of us will come down. :)