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[NSW] The best of the South Coast, Sat Mar 8th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Cobes71

    Hi All,

    I have made a south coast circuit. Which includes all the must do roads.

    I am going to do it.Everyone interested is welcome.

    Starting at Mcdonalds Sylvania 0900hrs.


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  2. I haven't been down that way in far too long! In.
  3. I'll go if weather is ride-worthy.
    Hey Shane, you gonna be practising some Stay-Upright moves you just learnt ?? :LOL:
  4. Shane I have PM'ed you in response to this ride :grin:
  5. Got the moves


    Yes it will be a good opportunity to bust a move!!

    As there are some awesome roads down that way.

    I have some blipping to practice. When I get it right, I was much faster around Oran Park.

    Also have new concept of when to get on the gas, without scaring the Sh*t out of me.

    Hope to see you there
  6. sat really sucks for me due to work but ill try and make it, ill let you know tho, if i come ill prob bring a few friends.
  7. pfft, ziff!!
    all the must do roads, indeed. you hardly even touch the real south coast :roll:
    :p :p :p
  8. I vote we go visit mogo :cool: :LOL:
  9. what a crawler :rofl:......
  10. We'll stop off at the gong of course! :wink: :p :cool: :grin:
  11. Far South Coast

    Hi All,

    I will admit the road from Moruya to Braidwood does look appealing.

    I am sure we could also find some other good runs, with not many boys in blue.

    The problem is the ride to get there first. Then you gotta come back.

    Maybe a future overnighter to the South.

    I would be keen. As I am just keen to ride pretty much anywhere.

  12. I will be up for this.
    Come on we can make it to Braidwood!!

  13. Would you prefer a day trip or overnighter

    Hi All,

    We could run Royal National Park, Macquarie Pass, Kanagroo Valley, Cambewarra Mountain, Batemans Bay to Braidwood.

    Then Braidwood to Moruya, then reverse trip back with either Kangaroo Valley or Jamberoo Mountain.

    Long trip 756km's. Can be done on the gun with limited stops.

    Or if people wanted to go that way. We could find a pub in Braidwood/Moruya for a overnight stop.

    Then we could meet up with Joel from Mogo. Happy Jared.

    That would add a couple of good runs up and down from Braidwood.

    Check out Google Maps. Would post the route myself but am a modern age computer numpty.

  14. Pending weather, im in
  15. Bugger, I'm out.
    Double booked, am doing Gingers creek that weekend.
  16. Moruya to Braidwood

    Hi All,

    Just found out the road I was looking at from Moruya to Braidwood is unsealed. :shock:

    So I am not a dirt rider. :oops:

    I know a little soft on my part. :oops:

    But the Batemans Bay to Braidwood still looks the goods. :grin:

    Would also reduce the trip to somewhere around 700km's.

    I am still happy to just run the posted ride. Or add the extra section depending on what people would prefer.

  17. Where's Gingers Creek?
  18. Oxley Highway not far from Walcha.

  19. Without a Cruiser or a 1Lt bike, 700kms is outside my comfort zone (its never been a comfort bike anyway :LOL:)
    Im no dirt rider either. But im happy to extend to nearby areas. Lets modify it abit so it wont be the same as the hrca ride the following week.
  20. 700kms is a breeze, dont need a litre bike for that :LOL: