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[NSW] The Bah-Humbug! run, Sat Dec 23rd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: FJ1100

    Haven't bought all your gifts yet?

    Family getting on your nerves?

    Christmas blues getting you down?

    Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and giving! So, give yourself a break, and come canyon carving up the putty road!

    MEET TIME: Mc...

    ... more

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  2. Ohhhh yes. I am so in for this.
  3. count me in Tim......
  4. Tim, the run across from Bulga and down to Wollombi IS nice and twisty, but a little bumpy. (Nowhere near as bad as those two death-trap passes between Gresford and Stroud, however :LOL:)

    My family isn't getting me down, and I'll probably be working anyway, so have a great day:)!
  5. BAH I leave on the 22nd :( Otherwise I'd be there with... a helmet on.
  6. In...SOOO in... :) Done this before, during my 2nd week of riding, and it's really time to go back and do it a little faster this time around. ;)
  7. timbo. +1 for steve.. never done that run before!
  8. still sitting on the fence on this one . . .
  9. Sounds like a fun run.

    As long as I have no family committments and I'm sober :p - I'll make it, I guess.
  10. Just watch your double fly buys people

    Got a memo through work that said it would run from I think the thursday night 21 (??) until 2nd Jan. Bloody RTA hasn't got it up yet

    The run from broke to wolli is twisty but no were near as good as the putty. A few corners don't have advisory signs and there's about 500m of dirt near wolli but nothing nasty.
  11. nice. i did george downes from mangrove - wolombi - broke on sunday.
    like saz said the is about half a min of dirt and it is good dirt... broke to wolombi is nice
    i'll see how i go. but being on p's, double dimerits may force the bik einto the shed for the holidays, other wise it could be a sad end (i've only got 1 & 1/2 months to run on p's)
  12. Well maybe its because its 1:30 am and I have been riding all day, or maybe its just a blonde moment?

    But apparently you cant quote yourself on this site??? when I tried to quote my comments on speeding I ended up editing the original post? go figure.

    Anyway enough said...see you all non pikers next week!
  13. the north end of the putty through the canyon is pleanty of fun at the limit.. :grin:
    the most dangerous spot would be the old pacific highway from somersby to the hawksbury @ 60km.. god i bores me to death.. :evil: well almost..
    i spoted a few HP out on geroge downes on the weekend too..... :shock:
  14. Family will hate me for this... So I'm in!
  15. Beware the yellow chooky Tim.
  16. So ladies, looks like a good turnout.

    Chris: you have no commitements and you know it. I will drag you from your bed if need be.

    Micky: You best un-f#ck yourself and decide to stretch the Monsters legs one last time before christmas.

    Alright, lets talk meet-ups...
  17. well, do we do a mid week meet up ?
    or a CBD lunch meet up ?
  18. I meant pre-ride meet up...but it's all good.
    Lunch time, crack of dawn, midnight....whenever. Do all you 'normal' people have time off work now?
  19. Well today I proved myself wrong, I did a run up the putty with a freind from BA, we were headed to Wisemans and decided to go the long way via Broke. Well I found out just how sweet that Putty road is and just how well the 2fiddy corners.....oh yeah and I have bested my pb in top speed (Kawasaki specs eat your heart out!!)

    Anyway at the halfway house my battery decidced to drop the arse out of one of its cells. No mobile phone service....but luckily a public phone...well peoples so much for all the talk about the NRMA offering roadside assistance to motorbikes!!! they may well do as long as its not a battery you need :? they dont stock motorcycle batteries yet!!!WTF

    So after withdrawals from not having vodafone thru connnect working, I let my fingers do the walking to find Battery World in Singleton, he not only had a battery but he delivered it half way, Spiros met him at the Broke turnoff on his Gixxer.......which was of course punishment for me cos he had no pillion seat and I had to wait with my pulled apart Cartman while he had fun on the twistiest bits :cry:

    Anyway long and short of it, 3 hours after we arrived at the Halfway to nowhere house, we left and decided, since we had no deadline, to finish the ride to Wisemans....and I am just now home running a hot bath :grin:

    Apart from the battery dramas I had the best run ever, bike went like a dream (most of the time) and I was really in a cornering groove :grin:
    Great company, great road.......

    So Micky and Tim.....couldnt answer your messages as I only just read em, due to the having no signal thing, and the having too much fun thing.

    Yes Tim.... Micky is a piker! and yes Micky at 3pm I was still riding, (well I was having lunch actually :grin: )

    Cant wait for next week to do the whole loop, I hear I missed out on the best bits!!!

  20. You wait Lindy, you aint seen nothin yet, the fun starts after the halfway house!

    Yeah In the event thingo I posted a 900 meetup for a 930 departure.

    My number is 0436 646 451 send me a msg if ur running late!

    I made it a 930 departure so we can stop a bit more to lessen the impact on any nooby-asses in the group :p

    should be an awesome ride, yeah we'll be keeping to the speed limits for this one, the best parts of putty are fun even within the limits.

    The meeting place is listed as McGraths hill macca's. That's where we met for the 3 points ride that went up that way and it's pretty good.

    let me know if anyone has anymore questions!