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[NSW] the 6 hour is back at oran park, Sun Nov 22nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: lyndel butler

    The 6 Hour Production Race is back to be held on the 20th - 22nd November at Oran Park

    This will be the biggest Motorcycle meeting of the year and we invite all Motorcycle fans to come along and enjoy the day/weekends racing action.

    The 6 hour ...

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  2. I'm bumping this one up to remind people that this event is on this weekend. The last-ever motorcycle race to be held at OP and a chance for riders to use the track one more time before it gets bulldozed into a housing estate.

    For those who'd like to follow up on this, I've updated my web site today with some stats from the "old" Six Hour and also some hopefully useful links at the bottom of the page for you to follow if you wish.

    If you're in Sydney this weekend, get on out and have a look.

    My url is in my sig....
  3. Promises to be an awesome day, let's hope the weather holds.
  4. Hey yak which way are you heading in? I have a uni social on sunday but this sounds like more fun than a barbeque with a group of oversized children. If i give it a go i'll be coming from shire-ways
  5. your bike fixed paul?
  6. YES!! :D :D :D

    Unfortunately however I train on tues nights so haven't been able to make the learner sessions but next time i'm buggered from too much training i'll make the trip down. Been dying to see you lot again.
  7. Can you elaborate on this point? which riders in particular - can I turn up on my bike and expect to be let on the track?

    Planning on going to this one, but taking the car as that allows for taking seats. Will probably be at exit of thrifty corner.
  8. he's talking about racing riders; it IS a racing track, and has been for 47 years
  9. and sadly coming to an end
  10. Sadly, only the racing riders, though I have been told that riders on their road bikes will be able to do a parade lap behind previous race winners on their road bikes at some stage during the weekend.

    Not sure if that's confirmed yet, but one thing is sure, I'll be taking BBII just in case it is true.
  11. Still a few track days in December and January too!

    Not sure yet Paul, at this stage I think it'll involve the car, a portable gazebo and a million beers...
  12. :rofl:

    awesome well can someone set up a netrider tent or something so I can find you lot! It'll be good to see some familiar faces and get acquainted with some new ones.
  13. honestly dont think I could sit and stew in 40 degree heat all day. Unless something drastic happens, might have to give this a pass. tis a shame...