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[NSW] The 2007 Australian Historic Titles - Eastern Creek, M

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 15, 2007.

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    Eastern Creek on the weekend of the 27th, 28th & 29th October

    Historic bike racing + Sunday Swap Meet, Show & Shine, Club & Trade Stands

    Good ride out destination

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  2. They are having a Shine and Show. Any bike can enter this. You might see my MuZ there. :shock:
  3. How big is the swap?. I just love swapmeets.
  4. I am heading out there today. My MuZ should be in the Show and Shine. Spent some time this week cleaning it up.

    Also if you go take ear plugs. :grin: straight through pipes will be the order of the day for the racing bikes.
  5. What a great day. The racing was close and great. The smell of racing fuel was like perfume. The sound was like an opera of open exhausts, very loud.

    Here are some of the 80 odd bikes in the Show and Shine. I did enter the MuZ but knew i would not win my class, Post 80s European.

    Zwaka Z1000. I remeber these when they first came out.


    Vincent Cafe Racer


    A higly modded BMW.

  6. What it was all about. Racing. Here are some of the machines that took to the track.

    Matchless. 500cc single.


    CX500 racer. :shock: And it was so loud too.


    Triumph outfit. Think it might be a 650.

  7. Great pics Ross,
    We were hoping to get out there today, but after getting home 3am, would not have been able to handle the noise :(

    Hope you had a great day
  8. This is not the MototGP where you have a full pit crew. You doi iut yourself with the help of your mates.

    Last minute fiddle before a race.


    Form a circle with the wagons. Indians are coming...


    Keeping the tyres warm.

  9. Had a ball. I can't stop raving about it to Wendy. :grin:
  10. Some that won their class in the Show and Shine.

    XS650 Cafe Racer took out Cafe Racer class.


    Harley WLA won the America Class.


    BSA M20 Chopper won the Modified Class. And you should have seen what it was up against. Some truly stunning bikes. But it took a very well deserved win. And it sound great too.

  11. This is the SHow and Shine Area. It was not full when I took this one.


    My MuZ. Took me a few days to get it this clean.


    2 well well ridden Velos.

  12. Excellent pics again Ross.

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy yourself :rofl: ......oh - what's that.....whoops ha ha ha.
    Looks like you were in your element & loving it.

    You did such a good job of cleaning the Muz & it only took you a couple of days. Hmmm let me see, if I drop mine off to you Tuesday, do you think I could pick her up sparkling clean on Friday. :grin:
  13. Revenge is a sweet drink is it not Mistress of Mischief. :wink: How much will i get paid to clean your bike???? hhhmmmmm
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  15. Thank you for sharing the photos, Ross :grin:
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