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[NSW] Tex & Bundy Ride For CareFlight, Sat/Sun Jul 19/20

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jenny Patten

    Tex & Bundy Ride For Careflight, keep this weekend free to attend, details to be finalised in next few weeks with Careflight. 100% fun, keeping in mind alot of MC riders are Careflight passengers, and Putty Road most frequent flight path. Overnight ri...

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  2. I'm in 100%
  3. I should be in for this :grin:
  4. Tentative entry;

    It really depends on which weekend my sister elects to have her birthday on! I'll have to abandon either this or the Icicle Ride. :p
  5. should be right for this one
  6. Hi Jen, I should be OK for this one.
    Cheers Lou
  7. Where are you guys staying overnight. I will probably have to work satday, but i'll ride up on satday after work for the ride on sunday.
  8. Im in for this one :)
  9. count me in too
  10. Careflight Woodford to Glenbrook Classic 29/6/08

    Just FYI, the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic is scheduled for 29 June 2008. This is a Careflight fund raising event as well. It's a fun run / bush walk / mountain bike trail, and open to the public.

    Check http://careflight.org/help/events/woodford_to_glenbrook_2008/ for details.
  11. I would like to come as well, but I am working in the morning and on call for the whole week.
  12. Ill have the new bike

    I will be there!
  13. Jen, tell me what you want me to edit !!

    btw . . . i'm in on this ride !

    It was the Careflight people who flew me to Westmead after my accident ! Might even do a write up on it. And i'll be riding ! :)
  14. Hi Guys, Please take note of new date, 19th & 20th of July. More info soon. :)
    Tex & Bundy
  15. There is a good chance that now I can't make it as I will be going on my journey North.
  16. hehe call it the "Get away from World Youth Day" Ride

    I am planning on being away from Sydney and DEFINITELY the Eastern Suburbs that weekend, so if my other plans change, then I will be there too!
  17. Count me in, will be a good chance to get familiar with the new ride.
  18. Thanks for the reminder last night Tex, I dont have my daughter so should be in.
  19. I was looking forward to this ride :cry: ,but I'll be down the snow that weekend.
  20. Big chance Tex. Will even ask Dad if we wants to come along...he's all for a good cause.