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[NSW] TeamMoto Blacktown group Ride day 23rd May

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by goz, May 18, 2010.

  1. Don't be shocked, we finally have a NSW ride day organised :D

    Ride held by TeamMoto Blacktown Sydney NSW. (not by me, but I'm pretty good mates with everyone at teammoto so i will do my part by adding it here)

    Righto, to the details

    Teammoto Blacktown is a motorcycle dealership in Sydney's west and are finally starting group rides throughout the year..

    This ride will be starting at the dealership in Blacktown and heading off to Wollombie via Old Pacific and return via Wisemans Ferry

    TeamMoto Blacktown
    Cnr Sunnyholt Road and Tattersall Road Blacktown
    Map http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&...teammoto&hnear=Blacktown+NSW&t=h&z=13&iwloc=A

    Sunday 23rd May 2010

    Be at dealership 8am

    Everyone is welcome, Learners - P Platers and fulls and every motorcycle is welcome

    Blacktown to Wollombi via Old Pacific Hwy / George Downs Dr / Great North Rd and return via Wisemans Ferry
    Map http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?i...2986,151.34079&spn=0.873452,1.783905&t=h&z=10

    Will be an awesome day, weather permitting

    See you out there guys
  2. Re: TeamMoto Blacktown group Ride day 23rd May

    I think you need to tell your mates at teammoto that St Albans to Bucketty is dirt, and can be very ordinary sometimes.
  3. Re: TeamMoto Blacktown group Ride day 23rd May

    Can I suggest we skip Mogo Creek road? As said it turns into dirt so anyone with a road bike is out.

    Can just follow Wiseman's Ferry road up to Peat's Ridge, then follow Peat's Ridge road down then finish up with an OPH run. Also I suggest taking the turn off from Old Northern Road onto Sackville Ferry Road then getting onto Wiseman's Ferry Road as this is a much nicer road to ride on than Old Northern as it's frequently clogged, especially on weekends while Wiseman's stays pretty empty.
  4. TeamMoto Blacktown group Ride day 23rd May

    Will double check with them

    But with wisemans ferry rd at maroota, there is a 2km stretch of dirt rd, doing rd works, did that ride last week
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  6. TeamMoto Blacktown group Ride day 23rd May

    Sunday :)
  7. Surely its not going the first way (via st albans). Its like 20-30kms of dirt! The second one that MOB posted up is a good route.
  8. Sunday Shower or two.
    City: Min: 12 Max: 21
    West: Min: 5 Max: 21

    :( Fingers crossed.
  9. Ye its the 2nd map, ill change it when i get home, i asked mob on pm to post up the official route
  10. details updated
  11. This sounds great, hope the weather holds out.

  12. me to mate, actualy the boss of teammoto lives in your suburb :) stick with him for the ride home

    and im not staying behind your bike, u will be launching canons
  13. I'm up at Mona Vale so I will tag along too
  14. not much interest in this one aye
  15. That's why this forum is known as "Not Riders" elsewhere.

    You guys need to get out of your own little backyards & see what the big wide world has to offer. Go and do a 400km ride instead of spending hours taking bloody photo's of your spotless unridden bike.
  16. can i have a penis as big as yours to?
  17. Truth hurts does it mate.
  18. nope, cause i dont think im a hero like you, u dont know me bud, u dont know where i ride, how far i ride, nufin, so its a bit of a stupid accusation you make, search netrider to see if there is 1 pic of my polished up bike that dosnt go anywhere, search the web also while your at it, good luck finding 1 bud

    in your post you mentioned "You guys need to get out" so im guessing by "you guys" u mean the whole netrider, or in your case, not riders, i will lol to that

    but question remains bud, if we are NOT RIDERS and all we do is polish our bikes and take photos, what are you doing here?
  19. Post number 1 ...
  20. Are you actually coming on this ride Snapey or did you just drag this thread through the mud for the fun of it?

    Goz, I'll be there unless it gets rained out. I'll let some of the liverpool guys know too.