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[NSW] Sydney to Bombala 5th November

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. This event is in the calendar, but did not allow a link to "discuss this event in forums"

    There are a few rides on around this time so here's another one, where you will meet up with netriders from Melbourne - see here

    Suggested route would be to do a loop, so we don't do the same road twice. Start with a meeting point at Loftus Oval to Nowra, along the Princess Hwy to Pambula and up to Bombala - distance is 530 kms

    Head home on 6th November to Sydney via Cooma, Bungendore, Goulburn, turn off at Marulan, go via Bundanoon and Moss Vale then to Sydney - distance 495kms

    Send me a PM with your email and I can scan email a map to you.

    From the Melbourne netrider thread, they are staying at Commercial Hotel, cost $25 a night and also having dinner there.

    Any questions just post them up

  2. I can see you've been inundated with replies mate. :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I'd love to join that mad mob, Alex, I did the northern part of the Merimbula ride last year, but it's a bit close to the Three Points Ride for me....
  4. Now there is 3 rides on around this time, Three points, Careflight, and this one :-k
  5. Mmmm interested ,im really keen for a weekend over night trip.
  6. im guessing L plater friendly, we go down 80 k`s as a pack??
  7. I knew this ride would not have that many people rushing to attend since it was leaving on a Sunday and back on a Monday.

    Not having had anyone respond during the first week has had me looking at alternative rides.

    And even now, nobody else committed.

    I've also just got a new bike, a KLR 650, which is more dirt orientated and what I'd like to do more of. And this ride would provide around 300kms of dirt, from Nowra.

    I never really intended this ride to be suitable for Learners. On Hornet's three point ride he has advised he is happy to look after them, and I'll admit to being more selfish.

    I also have had something come up on the Saturday night, which would mean an early (read sober) departure on Sunday would not be practical.

    So at this stage, I don't think I'll be making it down to Bombala.

    Doesn't mean the ride can't go ahead, it is a tremendous road, so still post your interest. or check out the Saturday leg to catch up with the Netrider guys at Tintaldra and ride some snowys roads and just do the weekend.

    Cheers Alex
  8. So.... is there anyone from Sydney that is meeting up with us Melbournites for this ride?
  9. Hey you silly Sydney Siders.... Come along and join us there for some partying....

    Here is the current list of attendees

    Foxy + 1
    Pomy Boy