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[NSW] Sydney North Fortnightly Coffee Nights, Wednesdays

Discussion in 'NSW' started by jeffatav, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. We have been meeting regularly now for some time at Terry Hills Tavern for drinks, meals etc every fortnight.

    To get the title correct and attract more people, I am starting a new thread and I am asking the mods to lock the old one.

    so............every fortnight we are meeting on Wednesday nights at Terry Hills Tavern from 7.00pm onwards and our next meet is 5/9/07

    ALL WELCOME for a relaxed night and ride if warranted.

    Aumuna Road, Terry Hills

    No Number...cannot miss it!!

    The yellow road in the bottom left is Forestway and the tavern is where the "M" is on the Aumuna Road


    I hope to see you all there.

  2. Would love to but just too far from the East.
  3. bulsh1t!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    15 minutes maximum from the harbour bridge!!!

    and the way you ride.................................2????? :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Which way do you go from the harbour bridge to get there?
  5. I used to live in the city and work next door to the Tav ,it's really not that far .

    Takes about 25 minutes from parramatta also.
    15 Minutes from top ryde.
  6. Ahh, Which Helicopter are you flying????

    I would be lucky to get from the Bridge to Killara in 20 mins!
    What you mean " the way you ride.................................2????? "
    I'm as slow as they come. :p
  7. Just enjoy the ride out there, no matter how long it takes :LOL:
    We generally have some dinner there so theres no worry about having something to eat beforehand

    p.s. how's that hunger hitting you now jared? :p
  8. Jeff,
    I think you are suffering from Hornet fever!
    Wait till you have to ride out of the city at that time on a weeknight on anything other than the brand new hornet you just bought.:)
  9. 15 mins from bridge? Sorry Jeff, I think you would have to be seriously pushing it. Horny yet?
  10. Yeah baby...I'm horny :LOL:
  11. Yeah 15 minutes would be doable in no traffic, not many red lights and about 10 over the whole way :)
  12. I seriously think it would take at least 30 mins from the bridge at that time of a weeknight. I also have to get across the bridge first, add another 15-20 mins.
  13. Amazing, the NSW events section finally has a sticky!
    It's funny how this one got stickied before the Mean Fiddler meet which has been going on for longer :LOL:
  14. Ummm funny that!, what brand of lipstick did you use Jeff? :LOL: . I thought we asked nicely this time. :LOL:

    Thanks to dave for giving me a lift this week, was more than happy to ride, but he wosses out, so we caged it. And was told "Ok you can take my wife out but she has to be home by midnight" :shock:. :LOL: :LOL: Terrey Hills Taven is a very nice place, love those lounges, but very loud. Was great seeing everyone, Jared eat's, then bribes all of us to hand over money, then leaves. Real nice :grin: . But had a good night and hope to get out there again.
    Cheers Lou
  15. Skill :)

    I would have stayed longer but Sarah was itching to get back hehe.
  16. Had a another good night, always a good laugh

    yes I wossed out and caged it but I made my decision and stand by it, It pissed down half the way there and back.

    Thanks guys see you at the next one when I might have Hardened up a bit HA!!

    Cheers Dave
  17. Ummmm........................brown???? :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I am so proud,... Our humble sydnorbs is now sticky... And just a little smelly. In a good way of course.

    President: Karl (the Fuhrer.. WTF?)
    Mascot: Jeff (candy apple) Kahler
    Social Secretary: Dan (ladies Man) Swiss
    Treasurer: Jared (I dont speed) Phizog
    Most Valued: Dave (I come from miles away) Veilspade
  19. What a dodgey lot in this goverment .

    I 'll fit right in :LOL: