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[NSW] Sydney North Coffee Nights, Wed Jul 11th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: jeff kahler

    ALL welcome to come to "coffee" nights for drinks, chat and a ride.

    Where: Narrabeen Sands (beachside)

    When: each wednesday night

    Time: 7.30pm

    Parking: plenty available in beach carpark adjacent

    Ride: 1st cruise to palmy and then each su...

    ... more

    This is an automated posting of an Events Calendar entry.

  2. ah, its now an event instead of an EOI :grin:

    I'll be there for sure, hope we get some more sydneysiders that cant make it to the mean fiddler meet
  3. Ill be there too.
  4. If President Karl is there, so am I!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Just took the one who must be obeyed for a meal there tonight. I haven't been there since Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel used to play there :LOL: :LOL:

    Plenty of renos been done and they have the essentials:

    Cappacino machine
    Huge screen
    Attractive (female )staff
    Comfortable seating inside and out
    Pokies and pool tables
    Plenty of street side parking.

    Just reminding people that we enter from the BEACHSIDE into the bistro area.


    Jeff(for president Karl :LOL: )
  6. Awesomeness. I wonder if they'd be open at motogp time... :D
  7. I'd love to go to the norther beachs for a ride night.

    It's not like the Shire is it ,I don't need a passport to enter gods country.?

  8. Is this going to be an ongoing weekly event?
    if so.... Micky can you make it a sticky please :)
  9. Going to try to make a weekly meet!

    Good excuse to get out and about :LOL:
  10. No passport needed cause we just wont let you in fullstop. :p
  11. Depends where you're from ..... they're not too keen on 'westies' .... :?
  12. can't !
    my mod powers does not allow me to make things sticky !
  13. There is a checkpoint on Mona Vale road just after St Ives but I have a mate who works there (servicing the machine guns) and if you show your netrider membership card you should be sweet. Just to be sure say Go Manly and smile as you pass it over.

    I will be coming from North Ryde so I am probably a westie now, PM me if you want an escort.
  14. But can you get over the moat at narrabeen????

    Must pay the troll :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I'll stop at manly and take my Uggys off :LOL:
  16. I thought about coming until I saw this. I'd rather spend a weekend in Baghdad :wink:
  17. [​IMG]

    hope to see ya there Brendan and leave ya uggies at the door...................Phew!!!!!

    We'll have to all have a chat and see what we can do for Henno and Sky (rider down july 1st) in association with Lou (chickbabe)
  18. There's a drawbridge on Spit Road too! :p :LOL: Any trolls under it? The moat looks reasonably pleasant actually...
  19. Your shout :wink: ,I never know what shifts im on till the night before so I let you guys know if I can make it ,get a few western beachs guys/girls ,to ride over and back in a group.

    And i EDITED your post :LOL: .
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Not open for further replies.