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[NSW] Sydney Musketeers, Sat Nov 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 22, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Alex

    Meeting up with Sir Skuffy and the ACT and Vic riders, going via the "Gong to pickup Sled, Hornet and Spots

    Not really an L ride, but a competent P plater should be OK.

    Register interest in this thread as well as the main one here http://www.netr...

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  2. toecutter i think you need to let anyother interested parties know that there is only currently one definate spot available and thats providing one of the maybe's don't/hasn't confirmed with mitch, all others will be placed on a waiting list as such

    guess i just did
  3. Good point, but thought Sir SKuffy said he could go to 30??

    And sure you've read the same posts from others who; gonna, wanna, and should.... then parting with some hard earned $$'s is a different story :shock:

    So once payments for accommadation required in full up-front, from 1st Sept, reckon we'll see a few drop out :wink:

    Don't be shy Sydney and 'Gong riders, post up your interest or any questions.
  4. Seems me bad...I have tagged this as an intermediate ride, when it should be "Advanced" according the netrider specs.

    First day from Loftus Oval will be just under 500kms Linky to Bombala

    Don't know about second day, but a long third day coming home as well
  5. I was going to say something but then realised it'd be redundant for me to post my interest because the ride description specifically says that I'm involved! :LOL:
  6. Hey all,

    Today - we have almost reached capacity. But, as pointed out, when people actually need to put money forward, they usually drop out :eek: :grin: :LOL: :LOL:

    I will DEFIANTELY be keeping a "stand-by" list also and will be calling Bombala and Tintaldra today to see if we can in-fact do 30 people - should be ok. Some of us could bunk together :cool:

  7. CONFIRMED - we can do 30 poeple at each location - all sorted today....

  8. Sounds cozy! :LOL:
  9. What you think peer pressure stopped once you left school :p
  10. alex you still have nothing on micky, did you ever see the EOI thread for last years june long weekend trip to eden?

    he delegated all organising out to other people

    and noone had said they were going :LOL:
  11. I wish I could come guys.... :( Daughter duties that weekend.
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  13. I'm up for this, but its a long way off, anything can happen still. How much money is it and when is the due date?
  14. all to be confirmed yet paul, check the threaf out in the other states section and post there as well
  15. Hi toecutter! I'm still in for this one and would like to meet up with you for the ride to Bombala :grin: You may not see me in your mirrors (the whole day :LOL:) , but the distance is ok :)

  16. No worries Pegasus - WOW a VFR, very cool.

    There'll be plenty of stops for pics :cool:

    So Matchstick probable?

    That's it from Sydney??
  17. Hey Alex - I'll be joining the ride down from Sydney, it's gonna be great.... chat soon.

  18. Further updates:

    OK. The BBQ and Spit-roast is all sorted. Spoke to Mya and the lady that owns the caravan parked - everything is in preparation for our arrival on the Sunday afternoon......

    Wooohoooo - BBQ and Spit-roast and lots of salads....

    Further updates on the main thread also
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