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[NSW] Sydney Motorcycle Show, Fri Nov 2nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. crud, there goes my usual parking :(
  2. im going on friday with my lovely missus and her brother !~ good to have a girl who likes bikes as well
  3. I'm going Friday, and will be on the Ulysses stand in the afternoon, so drop by to say g'day

    Cheers Alex
  4. I'm going either fri night or saturday (or both) :LOL:
  5. I can feel a sickie coming on :grin:
  6. The four of us in this family will be there on Saturday. We will be going by car as we don't want to pay double for parking by using both acar and bike.
  7. Camera..???

    :arrow: :?:
    Hi guys just wanderin Can we bring Camera inside the show.... :roll:
  8. Re: Camera..???

    Absolutely.....yes....... :) :) :)
  9. I can only make it on Sunday, anyone else going then?
  10. *waves frm south of the border*

    :driver: Road Trip!

    Howdy I'll be coming up as a bit of a break frm Melbourne & fluffing around the Netrider/Bike finance stand
    so dnt be shy come & say hello. I've only met 4NSW Netriders & if their anything to go by, I shld have no
    problem fitting in :LOL:
  11. What a joke .. charging bikes 5 bucks to park there. Its as if our taxes wernt enough to pay the place off..
    I'll be stepping off a plane 2.45 Sunday arvo, make a taxi flog it home, jump ion the bike & heading out.
  12. That is a third of what you'd normally pay, and SOPA won't change the parking unless they can make something out of it, and this works out pretty well for everyone. The bike show has bike parking, SOPA makes a bit out of the parking, and we get a fairly reasonable rate for parking our bikes.

    The bike parking in SOP is a bit of a joke normally too
  13. Will try and make it on Friday...after work...for around 4pm if I squeeze in some early hours for my understanding boss! Have so many things lined up to see in only 4 hrs, including 4 possibles for my upgrade. :grin:
  14. why is there 4 firestorms down there somewhere Pegasus ?? :LOL: :p
  15. Damn...so you did catch me checking out your bike on the pink ribbon ride! :eek: :LOL:
  16. lol :wink:
  17. Am definately going just not sure which day.

    Pete's not sure if he can put up with me going "come on look at this & this & this & this" & don't forget "can I sit on this & that etc" :LOL: :LOL: so at this stage could end up going on my own :(

    When he's made up his mind & if I am batching it for the event could I tag along with someone ?
  18. hmmmmmmmmmmm i think i mayyyyyyyy be interested lol :LOL: