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[NSW] Sydney Motorcycle Show, Fri Nov 21st

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Toby Lynch

    Australia's premier motorcycle showcase heads to Sydney's Olympic Park for three big days.

    Check out the latest motorcycles, scooters, ATVs as well as a host of accessories, apparel, service, training, magazine and other exhibitors.

    Stunt riders,...

    ... more

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  2. Does anyone want to keep me company on the Netrider stand on Sunday.

    We've had a cancellation for the 3 days and that leaves me by myself on Sunday.

    If you are able to help that would be brilliant, but you must know where the nearest bar is once the expo has finished coz I intend on having a drink or three.
  3. so your not going to be there on friday?
  4. Not able to be there but I can tell you there's a bar at the bottom of the Novotel.
  5. Yeah thats the redback brewery or someshit.

    From memory, it closes early. It would be nice if were open late then I just have to stumble to the lift.
  6. I am there Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    I leave for Melb Monday morning.
  7. Heyas,

    Ill prolly be jumping down there tommoz, love having rdo's :p. Ill have to jump over and say hello
  8. Sorry, can't help with the Sydney show Vic. Maybe next year.
    If anyone is going to the show and can man the stand for an hour or so, I'm sure Vic would appreciate a toilet/food/stretch the legs break. You don't have to do anything, just sit there and maybe hand out a business card or 3.
    12 hour days at the expo are bloody tiring and the breaks during the day are very much needed :wink:
  9. I'm only new to the forums, But I have paintball that day, otherwise I would have certainly gone there to assist you. Unless my paintball practice is cancelled I'll go to the show and help out any way I can.

    Vic pm me your contact details.
  10. i would help if i got in for free :p and there was food
  11. Hi Vic,
    Sorry magoo and I are not going this year, so can not help with sunday, work committments/family :(

    Hope everyone has a great day picking our there new rides.
    I remember last year Dave eyeing off his Busa and Sleddog eyeing off his paris , and wouldn't let anyone have a go. :grin:. :LOL:

    Cheers Lou

    Vic, can members use there cards through out the show stands?
  12. Hey Vic, I might well be able to be there, will be in Sydney organising stuff for Dante's wedding on Saturday, and could easily stay over and do Sunday......
  13. Anyone that turns up on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 10:30am and 4:30pm is to come up to me and say hi as I work my ass off... well, ok, i'll be riding a segway around all the time... Keep an eye out for me outside the show and come up and say hi ;-)

    Don't know if I'll get away with riding the Segway into the expo this year though Vic! I'll give it a go though :)
  14. You better!!!!!

    I want to feel that "look at me, I'm such a dick standing on this tard of a thing" again.

    I miss it :p
  15. Done, 1 pass coming your way.

    Call me on teh day and I'll come out to give you the pass.
    If I knew then I don't remember what you look like so you'll need to keep an eye out for me.

    My number is on the "advertise with us page"

  16. Paul, I would be honoured to have you on the stand.

    People can rock up knowing that they are going to either meet or beat "The Hornet" :p:p

    Again, just call me on the day and I'll came out to give you your pass.
  17. Lou, you can use your card at the door to get a discounted entry, $15 instead of $17.

    You can use your card at stalls that are held by our list of discounters, found on the preferred partners page.

    If exhibitors that aren't on the list offer it then by all means go for it. Then tell me who they are so I can list them on the page.
  18. i could design personal netrider tshirts on the day ha.
  19. Well you do get the first part of that regardless of what you're standing on :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Does THIS answer your question??


    And here's our fearless leaders, hard at it, as usual :LOL:.