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[NSW] Sydney MotoGP dinner nite, Tue May 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: fitryder

    Its time to tuck into copious amounts of Spanish food over the latest motoGP race at an award winning Spanish restaurant!

    Well the next motoGP is on the 4th of May so it will be the first Tue after the race (6th of May)
    We will kick off at ...

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  2. I cant make this one. :( .. but let me tell you all, the company, food and atmosphere is second to NONE!!

    this is one of those NR meets that should be on everyones to do lists.

    The mrs and i went last time and we cant wait to go back.. (well the ride afterwards was a little too "spirited" for the Mrs liking) shame im stuck at sea for another month. but will make these meets in june.
  3. looks like it might be just the girlfriend and me this time hahaha
  4. No mate, I am a possible. Come on Sydney troops, it was awesome last time.
  5. Too early to say, but will try and get there - it was a good night last time :) Definitely go bravas on the potatoes though :LOL:
  6. didnt meet her last dinner did we? and she rides??
    as you shouldnt be pillioning yet eh?.. :p
  7. no you did mate, we only just started going out :grin:

    she does not ride (yet hehehe) but works in the city and finish's around 7 - 7:30 so she will be coming along anyway.

    Shame you cant make it mate but there will indeed be plenty more!
  8. By the sounds of it everyone enjoyed themselves last time so I will pencil it in as a must do....on 5 May :grin: (unless work stuffs it up?)
  9. i'll try to get those retirees roadriders in my area to come :wink:
  10. Sounds like a go'er for me! But after looking at the moto GP site, its listed the GP as being run on the 5th of May, which is the Monday???? :? I think the site has a mistake.
  11. we're usually just gonna be watching the replay of the Shanghai GP.
  12. ya like mentioned before, we get someone to record it and watch the replay so no biggie
  13. Yeah fellas, I know this, I was just noteing that the site has it listed on the 5th!! That is all......... :?
  14. hey guys.

    sorry to let you all know that this event has been CANCELED this time around.

    Reason being, the restaurant has been asked to host a 400 head dinner so they will be a tad busy...
  15. Bugger....
  16. does this event still happen after the GP's a in maybe this week after mugello ... I havent been but would be interested ...