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[NSW] Sydney - is the new Epping Rd bus lane ok for bikes?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by northerner, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Hi people,

    Passed my L's and bought a GS500 a couple of weeks ago. Currently commute from the hills to St Leonards - The new bus lane on epping road goes 'live' next week and I just want to confirm that it is indeed ok for bikes to use it. I spoke to the RTA and they didn't know.... I'm serious.

    Anyway - I THINK it's just a 'bus lane' as opposed to a 'bus only lane' and as I understand it that's ok for us to use?

    Any info would be gratefully received as I don't want to fly down it on Monday morning with a smug look on my face only to be flashed and booked by the bus lane cameras down there!!


    Graham :grin:
  2. hmmm any news on this? i would also like to know as i use it on the way to macquarie uni nearly everyday and those cameras sure do look mennacing!!!
  3. I'm not familiar with the bus lane or road in particular (though I've probably driven on it some time).

    The rule is that if it's signposted (or painted on the road) explicitly "BUS ONLY", then motorcycles can't use it.
  4. I'm almost certain if it says Bus Lane then it's OK for us to ride in it; however, if it says Bus Only Lane then it's not OK.

  5. Thanks for the quick feedback - there is definitely no 'Bus ONLY' signs - just '24 Hous Bus Lane' signs. If there were no cameras I'd have no trouble going on it and argueing the toss if I was pulled over - not sure I want to take my chances with the cameras without knowing for sure.

    Can't believe the RTA didn't even know - pathetic.

    Graham :)
  6. The epping road bus lane will be just that a bus lane. not a bus only lane.

    Motorbikes will be able to use it just like the bus lane across the harbour bridge. that has cameras too. i cant wait for next week. gonna cut 10 mins off my trip to uni.
  7. I ride Epping Road every day - not usually a problem with traffic in the morning, but you do get a few illiterates that can't read "T3".

    This reading disability seems to be magnified in the afternoon however when everyone uses the T3 lane.... maybe they are so tired they can't focus????

    Now it will be a bus lane - with cameras - it should deter most people.

    Two observations..
    "bus" is a three letter word and "T3" is only two...
    "bus" is short for omnibus and that may be too difficult a word also... T3 is an abbreviation of two common words...
    So my theory may be blown to pieces. :rofl:
  8. Wow, there are others that attend club mac! I also seem to encounter idiots on the T3 lane, however there have been a few police around catching people lately so hopefully it will die down.
  9. I'm pretty sure it is simply a bus lane, so okay for us to use.

    But smh.com referred to it today as a "bus only" lane but i have a feeling that this is simply an inaccuracy by an author who simply isn't aware of the difference (and was just making the point that it is a lane for buses and not cars). Anyway I sent them an email asking for a clarification.

    The article:

    At any rate I don't expect a reply; and a better guide would be simply to observe the signs, which as I understand indicate that it is simply a Bus Lane.
  10. i had a good look at this on Sunday when the bus lane opened.

    If you where coming from Ryde and going to the city, there is a small section where it is bus only. That is about 10 metres at the Mowbray Road traffic lights.

    The rest of the trip is a bus lane, meaning that the following people can use it.

    Hire car

    Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks for the info.

    I've been using it this week with no probs - other bikes/taxis using it also and I also rode past 2 cop cars and they didn't flinch so I'm happy.

    All I need to do now is try not to grin so much in my helmet as I ride past stationary traffic in the 'general' lane'!! It was sweet this morning.


  12. I cant believe you called it Club Mac!!! Whenever i call it Club Mac everyone looks at me wierd! Do you ride there? What are you riding ill look out for your bike? Im riding the white/cream ZZR250 with half an L plate on the back...
  13. Hey kenno i ride a silver/blue CBR250RR. I'm there most days, will keep an eye out for you!
  14. epping rd

    Shit i'm loving epping rd, freeking the cages out as we race past. If only we could get rid of the busses....