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[NSW] Sydney HYOSUNG only ride, Sun Jan 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: conan

    yes is a HYO's only ride,meet at Asquith maccas at 9am, leave at about 9:30, head up to wollombi pub for lunch via the old pac/peats ridge.

    then after lunch head back to Sydney via the putty and the western coffee meet.

    should be about 400km rou...

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  2. Conan, western coffee is on saturdays.
  3. Guys,
    If I may make a sugestion, dont organise events as an 'xxxx only' ride. There have been a few honda rides, but they dont say honda only or descriminate against anyone who turns up on another brand.
  4. ahhh crap , i got the dates mixed up , its on the 13th , but i thought it was a satrday , whooops
  5. Wow, this thread really had a clean up. I may even join you on the day Conan, hard for me to plan that far ahead.
  6. This is tooooo funny. I might be on this ride if it dose not disappear again.
  7. 8-[ 514 views with 4 replies...
    my my my... we really need to start sticking to the topic guys...
    I'll start:
    YAY! I'm in!!! Its gonna be a fantabulous day... there!
  8. What happens if I turn up on my Kwaka? Do I get pummeled?
  9. From what I can tell, this ride is ment to get as many Hyo owners together as we can so we can discuss how bad our bikes are (lol), But all other makes models and skill level are welcome.
  10. yeah ill be back in town and ready to ride..... im in! :cool:
  11. My misuse will be in overseas count me in guys. :grin:
  12. From tomorrow? :bolt:
  13. I might be an inner for this.
    I dont ride a Hyo though, so tuff tittys.

    Something to note for you Hyo owners, the sales guys in 2 Yammy dealerships Ive been into of late, that sell new Hyo's, both said its now the biggest selling brand in Australia atm.
  14. Strange that, I wonder why 2 salesmen that sell Hyosungs would say that???
  15. It wasnt scientific, I asked them what they thought of them, in an off the cuff way.
    Both mentioned price & warranty as the biggest selling points, followed by the learner legal thing.

    After buying a FZ1N that is.
  16. Edurance ride :LOL: lets see how many Hyos can actually make the 400km.

    Count me in.
  17. hahaha , i know mine can make the trip as i did 400km last week hahaha
  18. now, with those two guys from india currently doing a trip around Australia on 2 hyosungs, i dont see a problem with the hyosungs completing 400kms
  19. Damn, I can't make this one, I will be in Perth from the 7th until 14th January.

    I never thought this day would happen - I actually do have a Hyosung!
  20. ahh bummer , maybe next time hahaha