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[NSW] Sydney Harbour Toll & Quartely Pass

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raging, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I have a quarterly pass (the $100ish thing) for the Sydney harbour bridge. I'm having trouble finding any info about it really, maybe I have weak google-fu.

    Reviewing the last statement there was a few $4 charges mid month for toll id SHMILS Bridge (Milsons Point). Can I go through any a toll booth in any lane or does it have to be the bus lane? Is the quarterly pass just for the bridge or bridge and tunnel?



    EDIT- just to clarify, I dont carry the etag with me, it stays at home and the bike is associated with the tag/account.
  2. With the bike on the e tag account, there is no problem even if you dont have the tag with you, so yes you can go through them just fine.
  3. those should be $0
  4. Thanks, I'll chase them up for a refund.
  5. i had the same problem even tho my bike was on my ETAG account i was getting a $4 photo charge as the camera would flash and will have to get someone to look at my picture run my rego and realize it was on an account..

    so they put me on a special account where a photo was still taken but no one had to process it.. something like that... never had a problem since ...
  6. I'll try for the same, did you do this over the phone or via email?
  7. over the phone !! i just said i was on a bike and dont have anything to mount the etag to .. she said yeh ok i can put you on a ETAG free PASS or something i dont have to hang onto etag and a photo charge wont be issued either...
  8. Can you renew over the phone?
  9. you have a couple of options...you can ring the rta line and ask to speak to people who do the motorcycle qtrly pass....they should be able to fix it up for you and also yes, you can next time renew it over the phone.

    make sure you ask them to put you on exempt status, i.e. everytime you go through it will be $0.00.

    ask them to link your plate through to your e-tag. ask them to link the exemption through to your e-tag and toll account. once all linked up zero harbour tolls and tunnel also.

    the exempt status for those two tolls is great, i forgot to renew for 6 weeks and still had the fully paid status.

    or you can visit particular RTA branches ( i used to go to york st, or manly )....only certain ones do the pass or know about it. try explaining it to some guy that doesn't sell them and they will give you a blank stare...so call up and find which rta's do it in person...
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  10. Cheers evelknievel75