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[NSW] Sydney Harbour Bridge Congestion Tax

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GnomeOomps, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Have a read through this one.

    Essentially I agree that the bridge is a joke in peak hour traffic and something needs to be done to fix it cause it will only get worse.


    Make motorbikes and scooters pay $2 over the bridge all the time :deal:
  2. cheaper tolls for motorcycles

    better facilities and infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists,

    MUCH better public transport system

    overall improvement to planning so that development is based around public transport plus cycling etc and also having city future plans so that it is desirable for people live close to work areas.

    Congestion tax on cars with only 1 person in them.
  3. $0.01 for motorbikes.

    That will cover our "paperwork" for them.
  4. If you look at how many people are actually in each car, I'd guess 90%+ only have one person in them. People like the convenience and ease of personal forms of transport. For this reason, scooters and bikes should be seriously encouraged for commuting. The first step would be removing all tolls for 2 wheelers.

    In the UK the transport system is nothing like the crap we have here, versus here where many people have no other option due to poor public transport systems (or none at all). If they introduce congestion costs before a thorough and intense revamp of sydney's transport system... heaven help us.
  5. I guarantee that a congestion tax will get up. It will earn them money, therefore they will be more keen to do that than a revamp of public transport. That shit costs money, brah.

    **** taking the Harbour bridge. Just go via burns bay rd and Drummoyne. My fuel for that trip is cheaper than the bridge toll, so no friggin contest.
  6. Dude, Victoria rd is a **** hole. I do that godforsaken road every day.
  7. I wonder how much faster traffic would travel across the bridge if they didn't have to stop to pay the toll...
  8. they haven't had to stop to pay the toll for about a year or so. Maybe more.
  9. Is it totally electronic now then??? Must be a year or so since I last crossed...
  10. Yep and there is different toll rates depending on the time you cross.
  11. Having read some of the comments on the smh website here is one of the proposals I think would work.
    Take out one of the normal lanes and turn it into a bus lane as well, so two bus lanes are working side by side. Those two bus lanes would go down the whole of York Street.
    Druitt Street becomes 1 way allowing the 2 bus lanes to be able to turn from it into George street and down to Central.
    The current drop off point opposite Wynyard station becomes a bus depot type setup allowing a drop off point for all the buses coming in.
    In theory I think it would work, but in detail maybe it wouldn't.
  12. sounds like it would work to me
  13. It's not the worst road on my trip. That title belongs to bloody Archer st in Chatswood. Highway patrol central, and everybody drives like they have a cock in their mouth.