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[NSW] Sydney City meetup, Tue Apr 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: fitryder

    ITS ON!

    After a lot of back and forth talk with the owner and some time planning this. Were all set!

    So here is all the info

    What is it and when?
    A meet up of anyone and everyone in the Sydney area at an award winning Spanish restaurant with ...

    ... more

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  2. this isnt some f*king april fools joke is it?
  3. No.
  4. no mate, its all set!

    will be a great night
  5. bummer

    "goddamn army"
  6. such big interest before and now no ones keen?
  7. ill put my hand in for two... me and the mrs....
  8. Probably won't be able to make this meet due to having to meet uni partners for project.. might make it afterwards though.
  9. Is there anyone here who can tape the GP (on DVD)?
  10. did you get the date wrong? the spanish motogp just finished this minute!
  11. thats why we tape it and watch it on Tue night

    just something in the background
  12. Now i get it.

    As you were, don't mind me.

  13. Im in + maybe few riders in my area.
    So we got reserved parking too??
  14. cause numbers are very all over the place atm there is no 'reserved' parking but there is plenty of it in the area for bikes only.

    Next time when we have more clear numbers Carlos (the owner) will put crates infront of the placee in the bays for us.

    also, if you want my number incase you get lost or something, just PM.

    I will be there by 7:30
  15. nice one!

    well grab all the ones on kent street!
  16. are you heading in from the shire fit??? if so ill tag along with ya... let me know and ill check the forums when i get home after 5
  17. ill be going in from work which is at Kogarah, if you want ill meet you somewhere seeing as its on the way anyway.

    I work on Rocky Point rd, just down from Calvery Hospital, do you know the area?
  18. I will be there on my lonesome....
  19. Will you guys still be there at 9pm? If you are I might pop in to say hello as I've got shorthand at UTS tonight... No bike though, I'm going to uni straight after work so I'll be in a suit :( Unless someone has a spare helmet and I can be pillion if there's a night ride??? :grin: :grin: :grin: