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[NSW] Sydney City Council Parking Strategy Review

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Just under two weeks to go, be appreciated that if anyone who parks a bike in the city can send an email off advising what a great idea it is.

    The City welcomes your feedback on the Draft Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy. Submissions can be emailed to:

    If you could also forward this to as many motorcyclists who park in the city.

    Full details of the strategy are available by clicking here

    Submissions must be received by Monday 22nd September
  2. Bumpity bump....

    Anyone done this?

    Been in town three times in last week, and seen quite a few bikes taking advantage of the new system.
  3. Hmm, must have missed this one.

    Wish I could have tried the system out but I've been away from Sydney!

    I'd still love to see something addressing the legality of PTW's sharing a single parking space so that we don't upset other road users when it comes to parking in marked spaces, but hey. :)
  4. is this current or does it need to be approved after the submission phase?
  5. The Sydney City Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy was passed by Council last night

    Well done to all riders who have assisted this proces

    This has been a long process for the MCC of NSW, with initial efforts dating back to 2003.
    In late 2004, after lobbying by the MCC of NSW, the City of Sydney hired Liz DeRome to conduct consultation with riders in an effort to deal with issues under the "Road Safety" heading.
    At a public consultation meeting in 2005, arranged by Delegates of the MCC, issues such as parking and security were raised. (Thanks here to John Littler of Ausmoto)
    (in fact, the issues raised are remarkably similar to the Strategy passed last night)
    With no provision for motorcycles as a separate class of road user, the "road safety" focus was too narrow and the "road user amenity" issues failed to proceed, although road safety initiatives did.

    Continued lobbying by the MCC of NSW attempted to raise the parking issues to the level of "Transport Policy".
    This was a difficult period, requiring a considerable amount of contact time with both political and administration arms of the City of Sydney
    ( Particular thanks here to Simon Disney of Hawkesbury-Nepean and Clinton Hayes of BAPMUG for tireless and high quality work)

    To their credit, administration management of the SCC saw the failure to include motorcycles as a "gap" in their overall Transport Policy and started the arduous process of creating a transport policy that actively included motorcycles . This was clearly at odds with NSW State Transport planning, which regards motorcycles as "vehicles", where motorcycles are treated simply as "small cars", with no provision for the specific safety or amenity needs of this class of transport. Pressures against this process usually come from administrative inertia, resisting ANY change, but also from bicycle and pedestrian lobbies who tend to be narrow in their view and see motorcycles and scooters as "competitors" for road space.

    The SCC saw the need to provide Transport Planning that was inclusive and could regulate a balance between all modes of Transport.

    The Sydney City Council hired Peter Thoeming, a well known motorcycle magazine editor to compile issues and prepare a draft motorcycle and scooter policy.

    The City of Sydney has shown independent thinking, rather than caving-in to big political party dogma or noisy pressure groups.
    This process of reason is to be applauded.

    The City of Sydney is the FIRST jurisdiction in Australia to create a Transport Policy that specifically includes motorcycles and scooters.
    In debate, some councillors used the interesting terminology of "active positive discrimination" to counter what they saw as "traditional negative discrimination" in relation to motorcycles.

    The Policy has become more useful as a result of the public consultation process.

    Sure, it ain't perfect, but it will vastly improve life for motorcycle riders and provides a base or foundation upon which future improvements may be built.

    The Policy passed unanimously

    We congratulate the City of Sydney on this initiative.

    On this page,

    see the link to the Planning Development and Transport Committee

    On this page is the "post exhibition report" and attachments detailing the consultation comments

    Riders, we have reached the first step in equity.

    We are all road users and we all share the road.

    State governments have yet to wake up to this, but the biggest local Council in Australia has done so.

    Guy Stanford
    Motorcycle Council of NSW
  6. The second-best motorcycle parking regime in the country!
    Well done. :)