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[NSW] Sydney Beaches Night Ride, Thu Mar 27th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: phiz

    Thursday 27th March.

    Meeting at Hungry Jacks in Monavale (see thread for google map) at 8pm,

    From here we'll head to Palm Beach, stop there for a bit. Then back down to Monavale again and we'll go through to church point and Terry Hills via Mcc...

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  3. Should be ok for this.
  4. Bummer, can't make this one - hope it goes really well cause I'd love to catch the next one
  5. I'm in for this, provided work doesn't get in the way.
  6. Its on like donkey kong for me!
  7. Ill get back to youse, have to sort out if i have tafe or not... which i know i do unless its holidays.
  8. If i'm around i'll come for a cruise, sounds like fun :grin:
  9. There was a night cruise tonight up to palmy it turns out, i was filling up the car in newport and omg i have never seen so many bikes go past, a few on the back wheel too ;)
  10. hehe it was a syd knights ride.
  11. i'm in for this. wakehurst is a bit of fun for an alternate route
  12. Yeah just make sure you don't turn your headlights off instead of high beams off going down it at about midnight! :eek:
  13. I should be in. See you there.
  14. beach night ride

    i might be in if i get my bike back from mechanics
  15. I havent been around for a while (well since before xmas) but I should be good for this!!!

    would be good to start to get some riding buddies again!! I can be a hermit when I am busy
  16. sounds good, i should b there. Im always @ the tuesday knights ride, say hello to the spada with the p on the back if u come along. :p
  17. Might not make it. :mad:

    Looks like I might be working in Liverpool.
  18. sorry guys but i'm out. covering a sickie tonight till 11pm. means i'll have a 3 day weekend, but i won't make the ride.

    have fun
  19. so is this ride still on guys or has everyone dropped out.
  20. Its tonight guys!??!!
    Is anyone going?? I was down that way last night...... good fun!
    I dont think I will make it down tonight!

    Just watch out for Possums..... Nearly ran over one last night.... but ended up just getting his tail!!!!!
    Crazaayy talk!