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[NSW/SYD] Timed parking and parking tickets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by taiheung, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I park wherever I want (footpath incl.), for as long as I want.

  2. I ignore time warnings, but won't park illegally.

  3. I won't park illegally or over-stay timed parking, mostly for fear of being booked.

  1. Hey fellas,

    What are people's experience with parking their bikes in timed areas and over-staying their welcome? So far I've only had good stories - one of the best was parking at Olympic Park on Friday for BDO (where the rangers are nazis) where nearly every vehicle in the street got booked with a ticket for over staying except for me. I took a huge punt knowing they were nazis and came out on top.

    Now I'm thinking of taking my luck and pushing it further to the rest of Sydney. Generally I've had no issues, even with parking on the curb when it has been out of the way (eg in the middle of the CBD inbetween building pillars such as on King St behind the legitimate parking and along side old banks).

    I just want to see how everyone else is fairing, and whether or not they too have a disregard for parking signs. I have added a poll to see people's actions to parking, but would also like to hear people's general sentiments and whether or not they find it acceptable/a wise idea.

  2. You only need one fine to cost you the same as a whole stack of free-parking you've rorted.

    I pay for parking, and try not to overstay the limit after a nice $175 ticket from Homebush a few years ago.

    Although I was thankful for getting away with overstaying by an hour in Berry St Nth Sydney, after a meeting with a client ran overtime.

    Don't get me wrong: I hate paying for parking, and bikes should be allowed to park for free - but the way it stands, I don't think the risk is worth it, because of the way the financial cost can catch up to what you'd have originally paid so easily.
  3. I was in Parramatta yesterday and found a 'Pay & Display' parking. I bought the ticket although, of course there is no where to display the ticket but I have heard that if you do get fined, and you can prove that you had a valid ticket at the time when you were fined, the fine will normally get waived...
  4. I try to avoid overstaying or parking where you're not supposed to - a $185 fine from North Sydney council for being parked in a bus zone in Wollstonecraft (by about a metre :roll:) put a stop to that.

    I've also been fined in the city for parking without displaying a ticket (which I had purchased), but that was waived after filling out the form on the SDRO website and sending the ticket in with it.

    As for parking at Olympic Park... you didn't need to risk parking on the streets - there's free motorcycle parking just inside P1 (enter in the left lane and turn off before you reach the boom gates, if you don't see it the attendants near the boom gates will very helpfully point it out to you). I was parked there from about 11:30am until 11:30pm, it didn't cost me a cent and I didn't have to worry about getting booked :LOL:
  5. I've never had a problem parking on the footpath in Melbourne, just
    make sure that you are not in anybodies way, they'll leave you alone
    if they don't have to walk round you.
  6. Hawklord, Melbourne is very different than Sydney for parking....
    For one, you'd pretty much get a fine if you did that in Sydney in most cases.
    Heck, from as far as I remembered, it's a little more difficult to get a parking spot you don't have to pay for in Sydney compared to Melbourne.
  7. rjbsmith - I think I saw some scooters/bikes shoved around there. It's between a brick wall and the chicken wire fence right?

    Melbourne is definitely different to Sydney, we can't just park on the footpath. Having said that, there are some spots in Sydney where it appears to be "unofficially" acceptable. Eg. right now my bike is parked up against a bank - everyone does it and no one blinks an eye. It seems to be a case of 'as long as it's not bothering anyone'.
  8. :rofl: No parking on the sidewalk... someone's not so bright idea...
  9. i allways park on the footpath at MCA whenever i goto parramatta , stuff paying for parking lol
  10. SOP has free, un-timed, motorcycle parking in the multi story car park (Car Park #1).

    That said, I work at SOP on the weekends and don't park there cause it's too far from where I need to be. The rangers at SOP are overall pretty good, and haven't booked me in the pay and display area that I park (even though I don't park in a marked zone) normally.
  11. Barrack St ANZ?

    i see heaps of parking people there but i have my own dodgy spot i won't disclose

    i find riding around boom gates to be useful at times as well.

    in north syd though i park next to the greenwood in the back lane
  12. Park and pay, its easier, no worries at all,

    I find the boom gate isnt really a problem even in the cage, one time a ticket (payed) didnt work, I dint bother calling anyone as I was in a foul mood.

    Just got out - Pull the boom up, and had the my old lady drive the thing through, whilst it was tough- I am no arnie, the thing just went up halway through. :twisted:
  13. That's just not cool. I'll keep my eye out for an Aprilla and then post publically once I found out your hidey hole. :twisted:. I'm actually thinking of parking in the bicycle rack of my building's under ground parking... could be an option!
  14. ok so for bikes, if you wish to park in a spot where car spaces are marked and you need to buy a ticket you can get booked for not buying a ticket?

    and what happens if it is meter parking as in there are bays with numbers? you park in between 2 cars but then are you supposed to pay for the bay that you are kinda in between?
  15. Tip: If there are marked bays and there is a tree seperating them, park beside the tree. Most councils with up to date street marking will have lines between the car space and the tree, but in most cases there will be nothing to say you can't park there. So bikes can fit in the spot and not have to worry about a ticket... kinda. :)
  16. depends on where i am. in my local, and suburbs i know, ill park just about anywhere reasonable. but unfamiliar places, or known places with zero tolerance like city of sydney, NSC and manly, well na. too many expensive fines. ive been well above par for making donations to the government for a variety of reasons over the last 3 years.
  17. speaking of tickets..

    Yesterday parked my car in an all day spot along with 100 other people. Council came in during the day and placed 2hr parking signs through out entire street.

    Later in same day ranger came and booked every single one of us.

    I lol'd and currently have my foot 3/4 of the way up Ryde Councils rectal passage about it :)

    Poor comms between roadworks and rangers = wrath of 100 commuters!

    i'll post the outcome when they get around to responding.
  18. ^^^ Dont worry, Franky sartor is going to destroy the councils soon, and thank goodness for that,

    another useless government entity will now have to fess up and play ball, soon they wont have any developer money, and no more developer joes feding their coffers.

    now for the RTA to play ball and be corporatised, now that would be good, the free market ruling the roads. :twisted: