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[NSW] Syd - Oxley Hwy Run , Sat Oct 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Tweet

    Well time to go again, and see some of the best bike roads in Oz. This is a 2-3 day ride, depending upon who goes, and if they want to throw Waterfall Way and Dorrigo, Ebor into the trip. The initial plan will focus on 2 days only and will NOT include ...

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  2. Inners....if work doesn't call, and a few can see fit to tackle Waterfall Way too :)

    For anybody who's unsure if it's worth it, check out the Putty/Bucketts/Oxley ride thread (post-ride reports start halfway down page 2):


    Make no mistake; THIS, brothers and sisters, IS motorcycling heaven :grin:
  3. I'm in,
    I was bloody kickin myself for not going last time!!

    The 2fiddy will love it :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  4. I'm in! on my P's on a yellow VTR
  5. Ok,

    The date should read Friday October 19th - Not Sat October 20th

    I have edited the calendar entry.

    I will update the list of attendee's below as the numbers change.

    So far the following are IN:

    Tweet - Fuel Tanker
    Dan Chee - Fuel Tanker
    Steve2909 - Fuel Tanker
    Idontlikemondays - Fuel Guzzler
    ihaveduff - VTR250 P's
    Browny - GPX250 P's
    Yak - RVF400 P's
    Phizog - ZZR250 P's
    Dangerfox - GS500F L's
    Swiss - VTR250 P's
    BRD007 - GT250R P's
    Romus - GS500 P's
    VTRBob - Fuel Guzzler

  6. Pfft, if Browny and duff can do it, so can I!!!

    Unless uni dictates otherwise, in.

    edit: zzr250 Ps (4 months till fulls), with a bigger fuel range than tweet :p
  7. Sweet, this is turning into a learners oxley run. All on learner legal bikes with a couple of blackbird mentors, lmao.
  8. I would be very interested in this ride if you think i would be capable. Have a gs500f, still on Ls have done 2500kms??
  9. danger fox, looking at the line up... you would fit right in...
    Wheres my invite ya F%^$KERS????? :mad:
  10. If you get your permission slip signed no problems!!

    I've got mine!! :p
  11. prob a good idea if i go, so many 250's would help me keep my licence, as last run was just pure luck i have still got all my points. :cool:
    tweet you need to slow down.... :shock:
  12. Everyone also remember this is a non discriminatory ride....... women are welcome also :p

    So yes Dan you can come :p
  13. oh so kind browny... :cool:
  14. Sounds interesting, id be up for something like this. But i need to give everything a bit of a check before i know i can go, so you can put me down as a "maybe" :)
  15. ok if im in sydney i'm in!!!! may already be back at sea though :(
  16. My handbrake has pulled me up after suggesting this :(
  17. Can't you prescribe yourself some Freedom, Dr? :? :grin:
  18. Swiss, you've got a month to 'check' so get into it :p

    Also Tweet, I noticed you've classed this ride class '5'. When I looked at the description of a class '5' this description encompasses everything (i.e. bumpy back roads etc,etc.)
    Can you give a description of the roads etc so people can better understand as some people may be put off by the classification.
    From what I can gather you're on awesome roads the whole way, no dirt etc,etc. P platers and L platers could do this, so people don't be put off by the Ride classification :grin:
  19. Browny, there'll be some small dirt runs (max. around 1km), there's also a bit of 'bumpy as a lumpy turd' :LOL: surface around the place. Most of it is totally awesome, to the max, though :)

    With the length of the ride and a few tricky bits, it's definitely class 5.
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Not open for further replies.