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[NSW] Syd: Oberon, Sun Sep 2nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: zenon

    Lets make this a big one!

    Meet: Parramatta Maccas (cnr Victoria Rd and Church St) 9:00am for a 9:30 departure

    Where: Up the Blue Mountains to Oberon (near Lithgow)

    Its an awesome ride and everyone is welcome!


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  2. Any other learners want to make a noobie pack to tackle this ride?
  3. A big one, hmmm try posting it more than 2 days before the ride, that will give people time to organise themselves.
  4. this is the way to go, altho its fathers day, wont say yes or no but is the ride going to oberon via jenolan caves and back the same way?? and if so, is a hell of a ride for a learner that way...
  5. Tweet - I realise its fathers day so most people will be busy, but if they are away from their family, this provides them with the opportunity to enjoy themselves and have fun. If they have plans, then they have plans. If they dont frequent the forums that often, then thats a bummer and they need to keep an eye out in future.

    Rockjob - there are different riders coming with different levels of skill already so you should be cool. My Dad is coming and he has only riden 3 times in the last 27 yrs. It is a long ride but its a great ride and its the long rides where you actually get more experience from and you learn the most on.

    Dan chee - the route home hasnt been decided on yet - whether we will do bells line/freeway/or random back roads. That will be decided on over lunch.
  6. i would love to go but its fathers day and have plans, always wanted to go for a ride up the blue mountains :cry:
  7. Rockjob and dan - hope to see you guys there tomorrow. I'm going to check this at about 8am tomorrow so post up if your coming and if you happen to be running late, then just message me on 0424 786 312.

    Remember anyone is welcome, even if you haven't posted anything up. It will be a great day.

    DVL - keep your eyes peeled cuz I'll post up when we go up here again. Its an awesome ride!
  8. myself and susanna (panthus) will come zendog, i saw this one on ocau.mc too
  9. yep ill be there....
  10. Zendog,

    thanks for organising the ride today man it was great fun! really sorry we didn't make it all the way just a little to long for the missus to be riding pillion thats all.
    Never been out over the blue mountains though having just moved up here n all, great scenery to take in along the way thats for sure!

    Would love to get down to the caves some time in the near future so let us know when you feel like goin again, my rear tyre has been very naughty and needs a good torture through the twisties! haha

    thanks again

  11. well thats was Bloody awesome, great weather, great roads great company and no cops, i didnt see one all day. and free fuel, thanks luke and susanna,
    can we do it again tomorrow?? :cool:
  12. hahahahahaha Dan, who woulda known you could suck on the end of a hose so well....... i say it was well worth the $20 to watch!

    will post a few pics soon
  13. sucking on a GARDEN HOSE is a trade secret, personally i think you were watching so close cos you are jealous and wanted to learn.... see you made it home, one one tank of juice??? :?
  14. would you beleive two for the bandit, one for the CBR?

    I think i got a pic of all bikes in, except for that triumph......





  15. Hey guys its good to know you all made it safely home.

    Overall I did 405km from door to door.

    What an amazing day. Thanks for coming guys and thanks for your help Dan. Lets hope its not too long until the next ride.

    Ill have a go at posting up some pics of the day!

    Cheers guys - It was great meeting you too!







  16. hey great pics there guys, looks like im about to propose in one of those pics.... was great ridong with all of you and looking orward to next time already...
  17. nice pics....
    oh yeah i am now on this forum too...
  18. so who r u, or should i say what was your ride??
  19. i'm the nutter on the 07 GSXR