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[NSW, SYD] anyone missing a dark Triumph 675?

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by trinny, May 24, 2010.

  1. Just in case someone has had their 675 stolen, last night I saw a 675 on the back of a ute that looked a little suss in the Rhodes area. It was a black or dark coloured 675 with a fender eliminator with no plates that didn't seem like it was damaged and was poorly secured moving around in the tray. Might not be anything but seemed a little suss that such a nice bike would be allowed to float around on the tray like that.

  2. hope ya got the number plate of the ute just in case..
  3. Oh, I thought you had found one. Never mind.
  4. As in lying on it's side in the back of a ute?

    That's not right...

    Maybe the under side was grated to hell. Mine looked fine on one side... the other side made them write it off!
  5. eek I don't like the sound of that! Hopefully its not mine! (i'm away on holidays atm)
  6. You should be thanked for keeping your eyes open. Nothing worse than having your bike taken.
  7. yea sounds suss, what time was this in middle of the night? or peak period 5pm to 8pm?
    what ute was it? did you get the plate?
  8. i really really hope he got the plates...

    sounds very suss moving around in the back. my boy wouldn't be allowed to move a millimetre!
  9. Yeah hope you got the number plates ...so the person that had them plates of thier stolen can get them back.

  10. yea the ute may be stolen too, maybe someone is missing a ute aswell as a bike