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[NSW] Swann insurace with dirt roads

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by tobio85, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I was riding to my parents place last week when I was accosted by a pack of kangaroos on the 4km stretch of dirt road to the house. Now not being terribly experienced on the dirt a stuffed up and dropped the bike which, being my first has broken my heart.

    Anyway I was just talking to the bike shop about getting a quote on the repairs for the insurance and he mentioned that insurance sometimes doesn't cover people riding on dirt. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this will be covered? The bike is insured with swann, obviously comprehensive.
  2. Check ya policy, I remember I had to get a special note put on my car insurance to cover "off road", it may be the same with your bike. But check YOUR policy.

    OH Kangaroos suck but make great steaks. :LOL:
  3. I find Roo a little too 'gamey' for my liking
  4. Public road or their driveway?

    Who knows exactly where it happened anyway...

    check your policy before you tell them anything.
  5. +1
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  7. If you cooked it long enough and added enough spices and BBQ sauce you could eat the bloody GS500. Doesn't mean it's good tucker.

    Kangaroo is a fad perpetuated by yuppies in the city and quasi health conscious fatties.
  8. Not a yuppie, don't live in the city, used to shoot it myself and I reckon it's good tucka.

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    Thanks guys have to wait until I get home to check so I thought I could expedite the process somewhat. Was just trying to find out if I could tell the truth or not on the claim form (which ofcourse I would always do but i can just be a bit forgetful when it comes to my location)
  10. That makes sense then Matti. Everything tastes better when you shoot/trap/brew it yourself.

    But it's still shit. :p
  11. And you're a girl. :butt:

    Now back on topic, I have just read my Western QBE notes and it covers me for dirt roads but excludes any off road riding. Maybe you were mistaken and the "accident" happened just before you turned off the sealed road. :deal: :deal:
  12. Getting back on topic.

    What's their definition of Off Road??

    If it's a declared road sealed, gravel or dirt it's a road. To me Off Road means just that.

    I rented a 4x4 to do the Safety/Fire/Rescue a few years ago and the agreement listed "No Off Road Driving" so I asked does that mean no bush bashing or don't leave the sealed highways. The answer was no bush bashing but driving on established forest tracks was OK.

    That said, bikes are different so check the fine print in the policy.
  13. To save any BS didnt the accident happen just before you were about to leave the sealed road.

    In any case a defined public road is a road. Unless your policy mentiones no unpaved surfaces you "should" be ok.

    I'm with Swann so I had better check mine now :?
  14. My definition doesn't matter, it's the insurance companies that does. But for my 4x4 insurance it meant anything that could be ridden on a rec bike rego.
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  16. I think there would be an uproar if they didn't come through on a public dirt road claim. There are too many of those roads in Australia to discriminate.
  17. Nonsense - it's an excellent well flavoured meat - goes well barbecued (but you've got to make sure it's well oiled because of the low fat level. People are too used to bland insipid flavours these days.

    Decent thickness of fillet and cook it quickly like you'd cook well aged beef.

    As far as the OP goes - any road you are legally allowed to be with your registered bike should be OK. (That would include a driveway - even if it's dirt one that goes for a couple of kilometres to a station out bush)
  18. Deer, ducks, rabbit, hare. I grew up eating it all, and still shoot and hang the odd deer, but roo is still overrated. But I digress, I'm sure this was about insurance or something.