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[NSW] SW Sydney Tues Coffee Meet, Narellan Hotel Fortnightly

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by fozzy, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. As mentioned in the Ride Planner / EOI thread we're kicking off a fortnightly coffee meet just out of Campbelltown at the Horse and Jockey Inn at Menangle this Thursday night (27th). Great spot to hang out with an outdoor shelter with a pool table, bar, tvs, food etc. Hopefully we'll be able to park bikes right out front where we can see them.

    We'll aim to be there at about 7:30

    Horse and Jockey website is here:

    And a map on how to get there is here:

    There's three or four coming at this stage - it'd be great to see a few more to kick it off.

    If you're concerned about finding it, post here and we'll meet somewhere easy to find in Campbelltown. The easiest way to get there is to take the road that goes behind Macarthur Square and keep going for about 3 Ks - it's on the right.

    Looking forward to it, who's coming? :dance:
  2. That was quick ,very nice.
    Im working this weeks ,but might be able to make it next week.

    And tip from some one that has been to a few new coffee {beer :wink: } nights ,is just keep going every week and the number of people will grow.

    One of our first sydney coffee nights we had 5 people ,6 months later ... we had 50 show up one night. :shock:
  3. This is definitely on, about 5 coming so far.
    It's a ripper night to make the trip and join us!
  4. Also, meeting a few at Woodbine Maccas near Krispy Kreme in campbelltown and riding out there together - leaving at 7:15
  5. I don't go that far for a holiday :LOL:
  6. Pansy. You need some beans - that'll get ya moving! :LOL:
  7. Tweet, you are so much closer than me.........................................but it is too far for this fella, sorry lads. 160 km round trip is a little far for a cup of coffee :LOL:

    I hope you are successful with your chapter and now we have all corners of Sydney catered for :cool:

    Let's keep 'em up and maybe one day we will have a culture rivalling the Vic's

    Jeff (for el presidente Karl) :LOL:
  8. Hi y'all,

    We're on again for next week! - not tonight. Last week was cool had a good roll up - we'll get the pool table cranking next week.

    Behold the inaugural netrider pool tournament!
  9. Will have to check the roster at work.
  10. i'd like to turn up, but my uni schedule is such that i'm at uni until 8:30 on a thursday... maybe in a few weeks after session ends.
  11. how many people turned up? i get off restrictions at the end of this month i might come down and show off my new bike
  12. Half a dozen last week, should be a couple more this week. Early days yet. Would be great to see some new faces this Thurs!
  13. nice ride there ,went past there 2 weeks ago , nice place to have weding
  14. bump


    Was speaking to Fozzy just now- he asked me to bump this thread and let people kno that this is on again tongiht at same time and place- 7.30 - Menangle Hprse and Jockey....

    c u there if ya coming
  15. I've managed to find a patch of NextG coverage on my country escape to log on and post.

    Yup we're on again tonight - 2 weeks ago was cool, it'd be great to see even more tonight. I reckon the pool table will be cranked up for the compeditive types among us!

    See yall there.
  16. 5 there last night - we had a hoot! The thunderstorm rolled in just after we got there and rolled away just before we left. It was cool actually, the publican came running down before it rained and said it's about to pour and packed up some tables and told us to bring our bikes into the bar so they didn't get wet :shock: Now that's service - lol.

    Seems we have a few pool sharks among us and it all got pretty compeditive.

    Come and join us next time. :p
  17. yea that pub is pretty popular with bikes, so i suppose they like to look after regulars :cool:
  18. Hey mods...

    Any chance of a sticky? :p
  19. hhmm

    Hey- will be there again this week- come if you feel like losing at pool :LOL:

  20. hey HEY!

    I'm the cheif pool loser! No one shall remove my crown!! :twisted:

    :blackeye: :LOL: