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[NSW] Suspended twice for the same offence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Matchstick01, Apr 8, 2008.

    I'm gonna delete these threads if you lot don't comply with the rules!

    Hey guys. I'm very confused, scared and kind of pissed off :? :evil:

    As some of you may know, in september I lost my licence on the spot for 6 months for a speeding offense. The copper drove off with my licence and I did not touch the controls of a car or bike for just over 6 months. I have only just got my licence back.

    Tonight I received a letter from the rta stating that I was losing my licence for 6 months as of May 10 this year for the same speeding offence.

    Does anyone know what the deal is with this?


  2. Paul, that's just plain wrong. Go and see the RTA, and make an appointment with your local (State) member of parliament, now!!
  3. Up here the suspensions go back-to-back.

    i.e. If you get done for 40 over and the same infringement also puts you over your points limit, you serve the 6 months for 40 over then the 3 (or 6 depending on your points) months for the points.

    ....or it could be an admin error and there's nothing to worry about......
  4. same in NSW and is probably the explanation. The letter from the RTA will mention it is loss due to points.
  5. Hmm, it says on the letter though that I've lost it for speeding, not getting too many points. And I thaught I'd get outta the latter anyway because i'm on my green P's for car, RTA website said I could lose 6 points off either licence to be suspended.

    I'm hoping its an admin error, and I will be following your advice Paul and contacting the RTA tomorow morning, and if that goes less then perfect I will be getting legal advise. I was told there was no point fighting it originally because I was on my Ps, but enough is enough, i'll take this one to the courts if I have to.
  6. Write a letter. I'd say it's just an admin error. The NSW constitution prevents you from being convicted for the same offence twice.
  7. Def sounds like an error. I'd first contact rta, see what they can tell you then go see someone higher up - writing in as well though - it takes months for responses so you'll have lost your license for a few months before they get back to you about whether you were supposed to lose it or not :roll:

    Good luck mate.
  8. Just like the Tard said, they run back to back.

    You may have lost it for 6 months for that offense but that offense will have attracted demerit points.

    Once calculated, if those points put you over the allowed accumulated amount then a further suspension will kick in.

    The only exception to the above rule (as I understand it) is that if the licence is canceled as opposed to suspended.
    If the above case, there isn't a licence to add demerit points to therefore once you re-gain your licence you start a-fresh.

    Get used to a further 6 months on the sidelines :(
  9. liverpool is in sydney
  10. I've had a back to back suspension in NSW, and they issue it as a single suspension. They didn't wait until my suspension was over and suspend the licence again. It was 2x 3 month suspensions rolled into 1 6 month one. This was because i got caught for 30 and over, which is an instant 3 month suspension, and also accumulated demerit points.
  11. Paul I have the solution to the problem I believe, and yes it will be back to back suspensions 1x6months for the original + 45 over and 1x3 months for the points exceeded as a result of applying the demerits.
  12. They give him his license back, then take it away one week later, WHAT? :?

    Given that its a 6 point offense for 45 over? On green Ps you have 7 points, so he'd still have one left.
  13. Hey guys,

    all has been sorted, seems the rta issued the suspension not realising I had already served my time on the sidelines. Normally the police don't issue the suspension but did cos they took my licence on the spot. Police have already contactd the rta and the second suspension cancelled.

    Sorry mate, been away for a while, didn't know the rules but will remember for the future :grin:


  14. PHEW..... That is good news mate.

  15. +1 :shock:

    Good to see you back :grin: