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[NSW] Sunday 26th 11.30am Ride to Wisemans Ferry meet berowr

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Meet between 11am 11.30am at Berowra Mobil

    those that may be at road warriors, we will be passing roadwarriors at approximatly 12.10

    If you are coming from the south, and are unfamiliar with the meeting point, speak up post on the forum and orga...

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  2. Meet between 11am 11.30am at Berowra Mobil

    those that may be at road warriors, we will be passing roadwarriors at approximatly 12.10

    If you are coming from the south, and are unfamiliar with the meeting point, speak up post on the forum and organise an alternate meeting point where another rider can meet you and 'netrider escort' you to berowra mobil.

    Departing Berowra Mobil 11.30am

    Traveling Along the old Pacific Highway from cowan - calga turning left onto peats ridge road, left onto george downs drive and continue on to wisemans ferry.

    stop at wisemans ferry.

    at wisemans decide how those woould like to return, either by berowra ferry or by castle hill

    via castle hill depart wisemans along old northern road to new line road then through all the roundabouts left on to castle hill road left at thomsons corner onto pennanthills road follow to the freeway to berowra exit..

    via berowra ferry (quickest) depart wisemans ferry via old northern road, take 2nd left after catti ridge road (which is on the right) left onto acacia rd
  3. I should be able to make the ride.
    Last time we left Berowra at 11,30 and got the road warriers at 12,10.
    And to wisemans at 2pm and i was home at parramatta at 4pm and that was really just cruising along.
    Just to let people have a idea of how long it look.

    It's all 60/ 80/ 90km zones and nice and easy ride for L and P platers .
  4. I reckon I could join in the fun provided the misses has nothing planned.

    I'll be travelling from Heathcote rd (Holsworthy), would be good to meet up with a few from this side to hold my hand to Berowra. Happy to meet anywhere on the way if convenient (Paramatta is an obvious choice to grab sleddog who seems to know the way).

    Regards, Nick
  5. Well i could meet you around parramatta ,and go from there.
    Places ...
    you may know Parra mac's.
    Near Action or bikebiz motorcycle shops.
    The big BP?servo, near rosehill race course ,on james ruse drive.
    All these place take you straight up pennat hills rd to the other meeting point.
    Not sure what way ,you head north from where you are?
  6. Know all those places... I would normerly take Woodville Rd straight into Parra so could meet at Action motorcycles just outside their dirt carpark. Will stop for a full tank of gas before that.

    Just give us a time...

    Anyone else welcome to tag along from Heathcote rd...

    Regards, Nick
  7. No worrys easy to meet there at 10,30 leave 10,45am.
    You can top up fuel at berowra.
    It was 230km parra back to parra.
  8. Fanbloodytastic! just checked with the misses and I have the all clear.

    Thanks sleddog and will be at the Action carpark at 10:30am on the red Viffer. Will pm you my mobile and vice versa in case anything comes up.

    ps: this is my 50th post - becoming a bit of a loud mouth I think - judging by the company on this forum, it's chicken feed compared some other ('loud mouths') :shock: did I say that??? just being a clown after some scotch's

    Regards, Nick
  9. hmmm, six days to go and the Hornet's still not fixed, grrr

    have a great ride guys, and I WILL get out with you sometime before winter, I promise!!
  10. planning another ride up bells line of rds probably to the fruit bowl for lunch then back again. mid march, you be ready for that 1 hornet ?

    weather looking ok so far for this sunday, report says clearing for the weekend.
  11. How many of us turning up on Sunday provided the weather forecast is favourable?

    Is there a chance to leave earlier in the morning IF there is still thunderstorms forecasted for the afternoon?

    Regards, Nick
  12. going

  13. I can't make this weekend, got two weddings to go to, but a run up Bells Line sounds fantastic. Keep me informed on that one...

    Good luck this weekend guys, remember to keep it shiny side up... :wink:
  14. I think I sould be up for it.

    That road to wisemans can be a bumpy old trip though (not that I am complaining).

    See you there.
  15. I am a possible too,
    have'nt been on ride yet with yuuss yet,it will good to meet yuus!
  16. AHHH crap ,im out for sunday got to work Saterday night shift ,I don't get home till 8am .
    I told the boss i couldn't work saterday night, but to they listen NO :mad: .

    It's a good ride ,i was really looking forward to it and looks like a nice day sunday.

    Am im sitting at home all day saterday ,if anyone whats to ride any time of the day ,call me ,my numbers in my profile .
  17. right on ruffler, just pm me on the day if your coming.
    bummer sled, works sucks .. wish money grew on tree's
  18. Looks like im in, see you at Berowa
  19. cough cough ,mmm not feeling to well ,might have the night off work .
    :wink: :p

    And get a good sleep , I MAYBE there tomorrow ,i won't be late so if im not there on time, go. :p
  20. Weathers looking good for tomorrow!

    did I just jinx us?? :shock:

    Thanks for the directions Dante. Will leave Liverpool around 10am

    Regards, Nick