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[NSW] Sun Natio lunch, Sun Feb 17th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: fitryder

    Me and a few mates norm hit the natio round lunch time most Sundays.

    If anyone is keen on joining us, even for a meet and great then these are the details.

    We meet at the Sutho 7/11 at about 11:30am and leave by 12
    The 7/11 is on the old princes...

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  2. Sounds good me and a mate will come along.
    No rain forcast for sunday at this stage so it looks good.
    Look forward to meeting some new people!

  3. I heading down that way in the morning, may catch yous on the return.
  4. Sounds ok for a quick blat (for quick I mean time not speed)
  5. sounds good guys,

    so far we got a group of about 6ish, should be a good ride, i dont really like huge groups and everyone seems to be at the same level.

    there might be a bit of rain in the morning but should easily clear by the avo, hopeing for a dry run.

  6. hey guys im pulling out of the ride, just had an accident (posted in the general chat) up to you all if you want to meet up, ill organise another run soon, as i said, its pretty much a weekly event.

  7. Jake, sorry to read about your accident.

    I am doing my morning ride, if anyone is interested in joining, we can make a half or day ride or whatever, as I want just planning on going to the computer fair at Snakepit to get a cable, but that can wait..
    If there is any interest, I will make a meeting place.

  8. Guys - Just a heads up.

    Was at RNP this morning and due to the heavy rain of late
    the rod surface is getting worse.

    Sorry to be vague, but about half through the park heading
    to Stanwell there's a sweeping left hander with a ditch in the
    inside of the corner that you could loose a small car in -
    it would be an instant off on a bike.

    I sure you guys are very capable riders, but keep an eye out.

  9. Cool thanks for that will make sure im on the look out.

    My mate and i will still be meeting at the original place and time for the ride down through the park if people are still coming along.

    Sucks about the crash man will go read up on it now.

  10. I am comming

    hope to find the meeting place
    I have never been in that part of Sydney
    see you
  11. Well that was a tough little meet point to find!
    Jorodragoev did you come along? we left right on 12 o'clock from the meet point so it would seem you missed us.

    In the end it was only me and two other guys that arn't on netrider steve and allan, who dont normaly do the ride every week either.

    Never the less we set off down through the nasho only to be held up by traffic all the way down untill we stoped just the other side of the bridge that goes out over the water. (Sorry i cant be more descriptive, don't know the area that well)

    We then started to head back stopping for lunch along the way. After lunch whilst continuing back up through the park a couple of young deer decided to spring out of the scub and cross the road :shock: resulting in me nearly needing a new pair of undies and whole lot of screetching from my rear tyre! Thankfully everyone escaped unharmed including the deer.

    The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful after that except for the rain which i wasn't expecting because they had said on the radio that the weather was clearing for a fine afternoon! Dam weather stooges.

    So not a bad outing in the end, had a bit of everything really.


    **edit** Oh and those potholes in the top section of the park were really really bad. They have resurfaced some of the corners but there were holes in the road you could loose the front end of your bike in!
  12. i tried

    You had good ride I believe
    I tried to come but instead taking Centenary Dr near Homebush I found myself on Parramatta Road. I am quite inexperienced L so while looking how to get back run on red traffic light and only god saved me from terrible crash. I get scared to death and took the way home.
    See you some other time.
  13. Oh man you gota be more careful out there! sydney is one crazy place to learn to ride a motorbike.

    Sutherland was a long way for you to come by yourself not really knowing where you were going as well. Im glad you made it home safely!

    Next time when you want to go on a ride that your not sure how to get to it's a good idea to ask if someone could meet you along the way to the meet point or if there is anyone else that is going that lives near you that you could meet up with first.

    Hope to meet you on another ride, maybe one thats a little closer to where you live next time i recon. :grin: