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[NSW] Suicide Prevention Charity Ride, Sun Sep 10th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Leon

    Craig McKenzie Ride
    Celebration Ride
    Sunday 10 September 2006
    BP Engadine
    9:30 am

    Ride to celebrate Life itself. Give thanks that you ride for the sense of pure joy at being alive!
    You can help raise funds for suicide prevention, to raise awar...

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  2. wow, so many weekend rides in Sydney in the next few weekends. :cool:

    I'll pencil this in.
  3. Sounds like a great cause! How are we raising funds, is it a donation from each rider?

    Also, where abouts is the ride heading?

  4. I am so in on this! Have been a supporter of ReachOut since it started on JJJ. As stated in the actual ride announcement, this is as big, if not a bigger, problem than road deaths. But gets 1% of the airplay. I don't know if it is because of the christian view that it is a sin that it gets less attention or that some view it as a choice, but it should be treated like a disease. People can get to that state through no fault of their own just like cancer. Or it can be induced through an event, just like cancer. And those suffering often lead a miserable life for a long time up until the point they succumb, just like with some diseases.

    And it's effects on loved ones/friends is just as devastating, if not more devastating than road deaths. Road deaths are usually accidental so there is little those left behind could have done to prevent it. And that at least provides some way to move on. But with suicide, those left behind spend the rest of their lives wondering if if was their fault and blaming themselves for not preventing it.
  5. I would be up for this if it were in vic :LOL:
    I know someoen organised one here last year... Ill look it up later.
  6. I lost my nephew to suicide, I'd definitely be up for a ride to help in victoria.

    If you find something will you be posting it to the events calender Eswen?
  7. Another ride for a great cause, would love to join in but unfortunatly it clashes with the offical Ulysses Memorial Weekend rides.

    So two major ride out events that day, would be good if they got some media coverage..

  8. If I'm still in Sydney I'll join in.
  9. this could be my debut.
    im currently working at getting something happening at my work re depression etc.
    i was inspired after going to a seminar on depression by nicole highet from www.beyondblue.org.au
  10. So does anyone know where this ride is heading?
  11. I'm in.

    Rossc0: I can organise media coverage, I just need to know where and when.

    If anyone has some more info on this ride please post ie: destination, route, is it fund raising or awarness, etc.

    Excellent cause, hope to see everyone there who can attend....who hasn't been touhed by this in one form or another in their life?
  12. Can't make this one, my nephews' christening is that day.

    Best of luck to the ride and all the riders who partake. This ones for a great cause.
  13. Ah ha! The pieces are starting to come together...
  14. So does anyone know if any level of rider can jump on this ride?
  15. Come one come all if the route is anything to go by...
  16. Excellent, count me in and I'll heard up a couple of others as well.

    Obviously more than just a coincidence but the ride falls on the same day as World Suicide Prevention Day. Gives me a good feeling to know that we are doing our little bit and raising awareness in our little corner of the globe
  17. i'll be in if im not rostered on for work. sounds like a good ride and a great cause.
  18. so are netriders gonna meet up and ride together for this one?