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[NSW] Suggest a route...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by fozzy, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Howdy partners,

    So I've got my bike camping gear all organised and I'm looking to try it out. I'm thinking about heading off just for one night on Friday this week (all I've got time for ATM) leaving from Campbelltown. I've got a day to ride each way (2 days) and want to end up at a camping spot or caravan park somewhere on Friday night.

    Happy to do about 6-800 K's over the 2 days (want to chill a bit too) and keen to head in any direction from here, so....

    Let the suggestions begin!

    Thanks heaps!
  2. Ok, here's my plan:

    Campbelltown through Narellan, up the northern road to Windsor and on to the Wisemans Ferry road to Central Mangrove and then into The Entrance to camp.

    Then up through Maitland, Branxton, back down the Putty Road, then back down the Northern Road and home.

    Sound ok? Any roads to avoid, or roads that must not be missed in the area?
  3. camp near glouster, wake up and do the thunderbolts first thig to walcha, then head to tamworth and have a quick browse through the power house motorcycle museum (on the right on the the new england as you head in), then make your way down through musslebrook then singleton and then hit the putty
  4. ride to mogo, drink beer/alcohol with us, ride home.
    has your k's covered, and you can camp in the front yard :grin: