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[NSW] Subtle speeding?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sprock3t, May 28, 2009.

  1. Now, I know as a new rider, I should be sticking to the speed limit, but I've found that speeding a little makes life much less stressful, especially on busy local roads with only one lane either way, with no overtaking opportunities.
    Nobody in NSW seems to do the speed limit, and if they are, every monkey and his uncle is up his ass urging him to go faster.

    Am I being reckless by speeding a little on my L's all the time?

  2. less stressful until you kill someone because your speeding..?
  3. ZOMG....

  4. I just thought the OP may not have considered the consequences related to speeding. So i threw one out there.
  5. Yeah, I'm a real threat to society. :roll:

    Don't suppose you've noticed the difference in driving styles from state to state? I'm talking typical NSW driving style here.
  6. I used to never speed, I wouldn't do 5 over, I'd do the limit.

    This continued until one day I was late to a charity ride in windsor, and coming down windsor road with no traffic around on a dead straight road I was done for speeding, probably the first time I'd sped on 'main roads'.

    After that I figured I might as well just speed all the time and pay the fun tax when I eventually get caught.

    You can get away with 10 over all the time, the chances of getting done are so small (and the points + fine is minor if you get unlucky). Doing the speed limit on a bike often becomes dangerous as you have retarded cagers tailgating, and your position on the road (in relation to others) comes down to chance/other drivers decisions.

    If you're prepared to speed a bit, you can almost always stay out of blind spots and in front / away from traffic.

    Not to mention if you're always worrying about staying right on the limit you have less brainRAM to spend on looking at whats going on around you.
  7. Not sure how i'm supposed to figure that over an internet forum. My apologies for seeing Learner and I want to speed all the time and putting 2 and 2 together. But i just noticed you might be 30 years old and this automatically makes you a responsible rider.

    What is the difference in driving styles between NSW and QLD?

    I was probably too blunt in my opening post, my opinion is moreso that i think its fine to speed when your not likely to get into trouble for it (not getting hurt or caught for speeding). Speeding a little all the time as you put it Sprok3t, i disagree with.
  8. Also keep in mind that every speedo has a fair error margin, almost always conservative, so what your bike says is 60 may only be 55. You can't use this to argue your way out of a speeding fine though!

    For the record, having lived in Syd and Melb I can't generalise about better/worse/aggressive/frustrating/careless - you get good bad and everything in between anywhere you go. Instead, I find Commodore drivers all over the country more likely, per capita, to do something stupid or dangerous around you.
  9. Yea man NSW is pretty shocking. I'm smack bang between punchbowl and the shire, seen some manouvres that not even rossi could manage.
  10. That's exactly right, IMO that's just the way you drive in NSW. If you try to do the speed limit, you're not going with the flow of traffic and drivers will take a risk to get around you.

    In my trips to VIC, it seems everyone is much more speed limit conscious and it's much easier to stick to the limit, as most people seem to be doing it. Similarly in QLD when I've been there too.

    That's more reckless than subtle speeding I think. How can you predict what's on the road ahead of you all the time? Speeding is a risk you take, sometimes there is just less of a risk in certain situations.

    If you nudge over the speed limit a tad where I ride, people don't try to get past you and it tends to make the traffic behind you behave more normally. I don't have the luxury of multi-lane roads.
  11. No presuming you don't literally mean "all the time". :) And if you stick to that 80km/h limit on the freeway then you need your head read.
  12. Your observation about speed in NSW vs Victoria is accurate, but you need to understand the reason for it. In NSW speeding violations are recorded in two ways; fixed speed cameras, which have three signs before them to warn you, and mobile Highway Patrol cars.

    Speed cameras are also used in Victoria, but they are not fixed, and are often disguised in plain cars, and there are no warning signs. In addition, as I understand it from many posts here, there is no tolerance; you can get done for 2-3 kays over the limit; that's less than speedo error.

    So people in Victoria ride and drive around paying more attention to the speedo than they do the road, because they're paranoid about being pinged and not even knowing it till they get the bluey.

    All that said, if you are going to nudge over the limit on NSW roads, just bear in mind that mobile patrol cars can see your L Plate and might decide to let the other motorists who are over the limit, go, and make an example of you.....
  13. It's horses for courses to me, really depends on the enviroment as to what speed I do and the sign post has little to do with it.

    Like if I can say to myself what is the likely hood kids play on this street regardless of it being 50 I will go along around 40 or under and in the middle of the road.

    If I am on the M1 on the other hand there is no change in hell I will be doing 100 or 110, maybe 120-130 and I will never stay in someones blind spot for long.

    To me on a bike speed is one of the best safetly features we have, and if it means I get a ticket every know and then well so be it.

    Any logical person knows speed does not kill but it's the only thing they can quantify and book you for really.
  14. That's a good point! Since I'm 'learning' the boys in blue might think I need to 'learn' my lesson by pulling me over.
  15. Please provide evidence to back up your statement that speed kills, other than the crap touted as fact by the TAC. Thanks.

    To the OP, just ride within your limits, & if you do speed, do it smart.
  16. Good, if you speed, it'll be you that gets killed, it'll be you that becomes the statistic and therefore make it less likely that I will get killed statistically because I rode with a brain in my skull.

    Am I totally weird because I find speeding actually stressful? Like I'm so much more at risk? (which I am) and that actually it's easier and safer to let tailgaters pass by switching lanes?

    Yeah. That's totally weird. :roll:
  17. There is something to be said for "keeping up with the flow of traffic". Being the slowest guy out there causes frustration in the vehicles starting to build up behind you which is not good. Also if your going a bit faster than the flow you are approaching traffic so are more in control than having cars go past you where you cant see them. May not be the most popular theory, but I think it holds some merit as far as safety goes!
  18. Having said that I will always use speed to get out of a situation I think is dangerous, like if someone wants to change into my lane who hasn't seen me or gets too close to my little zone of personal space. Speed is good then because it gives me an avenue of escape. Doesn't mean I use it when it's not needed though.
  19. im a p plate learner in queensland at the moment. i admit that usually i am above the speed limit whereever possible when riding around other vehicles. my reason for this is that when you are ahead of traffic they cant merge into you.

    there are a few things that you need to think about

    1) keeping with traffic will often mean you are in some cases up to 10 over the posted limit.

    2) there are a lot of idiots out there that will see you going a faster and think you want to race them. these people are extremely dangerous!

    3) sooner or later your going to get caught. make sure you have the money and the points to do so.

    im not condoning hooning or speeding in places where there are lots of people or other threats to you. just to keep away from cages.
  20. How long have you been riding? When I was on my zzr250 I was the slowest rider ever and refused to go over the speed limit.

    Give it time, you'll soon realise that trying to be safe by staying on the speed limit... isn't actually so safe. If you're not prepared to gun it to avoid dangers in favour of license preservation, that makes you more concerned about police than your life. Eg. car coming into your lane when you're already doing the speed limit, do you hammer on the brakes and have the person behind you smash into them, or simply accelerate out of their way.