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[NSW] StuntSkills, Oran Park, Sun Jul 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, May 15, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: jarrad

    Stuntskills will be held at OP once more on the 13/7.

    Pre book between now and the 13/6 to receive the early bird booking rate of $120/day.

    Entries received after this date will cost $150.

    More info @ www.cunningstunts.com.

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  2. If I can get an engine cage in from the US for whatever bike I end up getting i'll be there for sure, sounds like fun! Are spectators allowed if I can't?
  3. Let me know what bike you are getting > we may be able to assist in getting a cage made for you in Syd.

    Yes, spectators are more than welcome (though we wanna see you on your bike! ;o) and it's FREE to come and watch!
  4. i've booked for this stunt day , hopefully will get a few tips off the guys who know what their doing !
    anyone else here going to practice thier wheelies/stunts ?
    or anyone here want to come out to watch & pick up some broken bits of my bike ? :cry:
  5. How'd you go blacktwin? I was there and checking for new riders (also passing out sign in sheets) had my race bike there practising race starts (red/Black GSXR1000)

    There are only 2, may 3 StuntSkills left before OP Closes its gates forever so get yourselves there and have a crack!
  6. i'll probably come and watch
  7. I'd be interested in at least spectating. For someone with absolutely zero experience with any stunting would you advise joining in or not? Only ever popped a few accidental wheelies on this bike and a bunch of crap power wheelies on my last one - is there tuition or more of an open 'heres some space to practice' type thing?
  8. would like to come along and watch.........as a new rider somehow i don't think stunts is something i should be trying but am always impressed with things that people can do with a bike.

    "EDIT" just realized thats my wifes b'day so wouldn't be there!! Dammm!!!!
  9. Might bring the camera along and shoot from the sidelines. I'm a bit confused about the date though and couldn't find any info on the site. Sunday is the 12th right? I think I'm going out of my mind.
  10. Um I think this was 2008 :)
  11. Whoa. Holy crap. All of us got caught out lol =D
  12. Yes and No.......

    As a founding member of Cunningstunts I can advise that since OP is closing down there are now only 3 more StuntSkills, as we know it, that will be run in 2009.

    Log onto Cunningstunts.com to review the schedule/calendar of events but sure would be good to see a few of you up there, even if just spectating or helping Corey out with Flagging!