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NSW - Strange Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by EnigmaOMC, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I have tried to find this but am unable tofind anything. So basically my question is below:

    I am 29 and passed my p's test in March, however my licence shows "R P1 exp 14OCT2010". I turn 30 in December and was wondering if i indeed need to be on my P1 until 14OCT2010. I am in NSW btw.

    Also am i restricted to the same LAMS bikes?

  2. you can move on after a year. the license expires after 18 months. so essentially, you have between 12 and 18 months to upgrade your license. But given that you turn thirty you may be able to go to next level, not sure of current legislation. also put NSW in title or thread will be deleted
  3. I think that once you turn 30 you are eligible for your full license.
    You would be under the old system, so if you were over 30 when you passed your P's you would have proceeded straight to your fulls.

    So yeah, age 30, or 1 year on your Ps, whichever comes first.
  4. Call the helpful folk at the RTA!
  5. Riders over the age of 25 that meet RTA requirements may receive an exemption from the P2 phase. To be eligible for an exemption from the P2 phase, riders must:

    Be 25 years of age or older when they apply for the unrestricted licence.
    Hold a current Australian unrestricted driver licence.
    Have completed a minimum of 12 months on a P1 licence.
    Meet all other licensing requirements.
  6. That only applies if you got your Ps after the new licence system came into place (June, IIRC).

    Since EnigmaOMC got their Ps in April they're covered by the old system, which requires all riders to be on their Ps for 12-18 months before going to a full licence unless the mature age exemption applies.

    From what I remember (you will need to speak to the RTA to confirm) this only applies if you are 30+ with a gold licence at the time you go for your Ls and allows you to skip the waiting period to do the pre-provisional course/MOST and then proceed straight to an unrestricted licence.

    From the sounds of it even if the mature age exemption does apply to you it would only shave a few months off your Ps anyway (since you would be eligible for a full licence in April).

    You will need to remain on a LAMS-listed bike for however long you have left on your Ps, and there is a 12 month restriction on pillioning after you go to an unrestricted licence.
  7. That date is when it expires, not when you can get your fulls (as you're on the old system its 12 months from getting Ps / if you can apply under the over 30 scheme (check with rta when you're 30 :) ).
  8. say what? I thought it was 12 months after getting your license (L's is a permit, P's is a license) so any unrestricted rider can take a pillion cant they? unless they came off their P's early because of mature aged exemption or similar
  9. just noticed on the rta website you can carry a pillion on your P2 license too
  10. Under the old system pillioning on your Ps wasn't allowed, and you were required to wait 12 months after you got an unrestricted licence, regardless of age.

    Of course that last bit's a little hard to enforce unless you've been pulled over for something else...