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[NSW] Stolen Green 2009 Ninja 250r, Camperdown, 10,000km

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by wingknut82, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    I had my 2009 green Ninja 250r (rego QEZ 71) stolen from my apartment complex in Camperdown NSW around 10/9/11. Had approx 10Km's on it, a yoshi exhaust and had fuel injection (it is an import).

    If anyone has any information at all it would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted on 0411 528 815 or notme_82@yahoo.com.au.


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  3. Re: Stolen Green 2009 Ninja 250r

    i think he meant 10,000kms.

    OP - you mentioned your bike got stolen 3 weeks ago? When did you report it?
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    no offence, if its 10km's, then it deserves to get stolen lol
  5. Re: Stolen Green 2009 Ninja 250r

    Hi Guys,

    Yeah sorry I meant 10,000km's (was in a hurry whilst typing).

    I reported it to the police probably a day after it was stolen, when I first noticed. Only just stumbled accross this forum and thought I would put something up in the slight chance that someone may have seen it.


  6. God damn, its the second 250, let alone a Ninja, to be stolen this past month. Who woulda thunk 250's were being targeted. Probably for parts.

    I'm nearby mate, and i work in redfern. I'll keep a look out for a green ninja.
  7. I really hope you're more successful in finding yours than I was with mine. I can't imagine it would be in Vic, but I'll keep my eyes open for it.
  8. Insurance seems to be the only defense nowadays against these basts.
  9. If you were to report every green ninja you saw to the cops, you’d never get off the phone…
  10. I'm down in Erko and I work in Glebe. I'll keep an eye out for you.