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[NSW] Still seeing P Platers in GTRs

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. I thought P Plate drivers were banned from turbo cars such as the GTR and the WRX and such? I saw three GTRs today alone with P Plates on :?.

  2. You are right but if you got your licence before a certain date they are still allowed to drive them i.e. this law is not applicable to all p platers only newer ones.

    my mate who has a ss ute got pulled over by the cops the other week and the cop was going to book him under this law, after much discussion the cop realised he was in the wrong as my p plate mate was allowed the car
  3. there can be exceptions. that was made clear when the laws came in.

    Also, a law that isnt enforced doesnt have pose a huge concern for teenagers who are more concerned about the size of their bodykit then it the car is legal to drive.

    the biggest problem around the sutherland shire is p platers in xr8/6turbo/ss's sedans and utes.

    that is true as well, except the age of the laws are getting to the point where there arent many of these p platers left
  4. And, some Ricelines aren't turbo models either. There's a whole host of different models all available in the same body shape.
  5. 1. Go to ebay
    2. Buy GTR badge
    3. Stick badge onto your non turbo skyline or ET pulsar
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT!
  6. +1, friends NA 33 has GTR badging, grill, wing and body kit :LOL:
  7. SECTION E - Prohibited Vehicle Exemption
    This condition restricts all P1 and P2 drivers, regardless of age, from driving 'prohibited vehicles'. A prohibited vehicle is a
    motor vehicle with:

    eight or more cylinders
    a turbocharged or supercharged engine (diesel exempt)
    engine performance modifications
    certain high performance six cylinder and other vehicles listed on the RTA website.

    An exemption may be granted to a:
    person who can demonstrate that an exemption is required for employment purposes,
    country driver who requires the use of eight or more cylinder Four Wheel Drive (4WD V8) vehicles if there is no practical alternatives

    person who can prove they owned the prohibited vehicle prior to 11 July 2005 or before an interstate/overseas licence
    transfer (attach proof of acquisition). Note, only a provisional who has never held a NSW licence before his/her licence transfer can apply for this exemption

    person who can demonstrate any other exceptional circumstance, (attach any information necessary to support your exemption request).

    Note: NSW provisional licences issued prior to 11 July 2005 were not conditioned. However, the condition will be applied if the
    provisional driver is disqualified for an offence committed on or after 11 July 2005. In these instances, the provisional holder
    may be granted an exemption if they can prove direct ownership of their current vehicle at the time of the offence that led to the
    disqualification (attach proof of acquisition).

    An exemption from the prohibited vehicle condition will not be granted simply on the basis that the only vehicle available in a
    household is a prohibited vehicle.

    If your application is for employment purposes, you must attach a statement on a business letterhead signed by your employer
    supporting your application.

    The statutory declaration must be completed by the registered operator(s) of the nominated vehicle(s).

    Id say an exemption would be granted if i)it was the only vehicle in the household and ii) you needed it to drive to work.
  8. Tell me about it Lilley, i think the bigger danger however is the p plater drift boys in their silvias! Only yesterday i almost t boned one as he pulled out in front of me at kirrawee!

    i also think the turbo/v8 law is flawed, p platers cant drive any turbo cars e.g. those smart cars that make as much power as a kettle.

    Would be better to have a power to weight rule similar to bikes
  9. they can drive turbo diesels
  10. Low powered turbo cars are allowed.

    And hi power NA sixes are also banned. (e.g. proche's, M3's)

    It is kinda stupid tho, I can drive my VZ but I can't drive an old V8 that made 20kW less power. Power to weight is the way to go, maybe also add in a torque limit if they're really concerned. I think the new restrictions were introduced just to dumb things down for people.

    The real funny thing is that in a year's time I'll be allowed to hop on a busa but I won't be able to drive a manual car or a V8.

    In the eyes of the government I'd be safer on a 'busa than a econobox with a manual gearbox :D
  11. i'm just going to wait it out, 18months until a full driver's licence
    (already have full rider's)

    i can currently slam down two shots of whiskey and hop on a ducati, but GOD HELP ME if i have a beer and drive the work VW 1.4 Caddy
    silly, flawed laws. bah
  13. What's stopping you from driving the Caddy?
  14. only if i have a beer, would the law stop me driving it
    (zero BAC for P platers)

  15. Fixed.
  16. well this has cleared up the discussion we had in maths after we saw some yr 12s pile into a landcruiser. but i doubt they would have cared if it was illegal to drive, as long as they were in there fully sick turbo 4wd
  17. Dammit!
  18. You know, Id like to ask these law-makers if they actually know what a turbo is.
  19. Of course politicians know what a turbo is, they're jealous of them because it represents something that is a) popular and b) useful. Wonder if we can bolt one on top parliament house and generate additional power from the exhaust fumes generated in the the upper and lower houses.
  20. Yeah hornet it may well have just been a kit, I've seen quite a few R32 gtr's around melbourne with P's....... best spot was a XR6T with monster PWR intercooler and plates LS1eta on green P's. I'm sure that's legit :roll:

    In Theory a stock turbo vehicle is better for the Environment than a V8 as it uses less fuel.

    Interesting to note that most of the major collisions are involving stocky v6 Commodores or Falcons no doubt with fully sick suspension setups...... the desireable combination of Chopped springs and 15 year old shock absorbers :?

    Sure high powered vehicles are a bad idea for inexperienced drivers, but so are poorly maintained worn out old 6cyl aussie family sedans.... at least most skylines are 4wd