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NSW Staysafe Inquiry motorcycle safety report released

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by CJ Burns Esq, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. The NSW Staysafe Committee of inquiry into Motorcycle Safety in NSW has released it's report. It is important that you read this document as it holds the key to your motorcycling in NSW and how they are going to enforce speed limits etc.

    Paragraph 1 and 3 of the Chairman's forward are almost a direct quote of the Motorcycle Councils submission and witness statements.

    The recommendations from Staysafe read like a Christmas wish list for riders.

    The star rating scheme for clothing gets a mention in the forward and no recommendation for Hi Vis has been made as per our stance as visibility is more about rider positioning on the road.

    A hazard reporting scheme is recommended as is training for riders.

    We have kicked a massive goal here for riders and we are rightly proud of our efforts.

    Report is attached

    Submissions available here;

    Your feedback is welcome, as you may not know the MCC of NSW submitted a most comprehensive submission covering off a multitude of concerns to riders. Not just a list of whinges, but insights into issues that were evidence based.

    Your feedback on this report will assist us in furthering our claims and requests. Get to it, read it, digest it and give us your feedback on it. emails to enquiries@mccofnsw.org.au

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  2. Awesome work CJ and all the others involved. I greatly appreciate all the hard work and outstanding efforts that have gone into getting this moving in the right direction.

    I do have one query.


    The Committee recommends that Transport for NSW works with experts to
    expand the definition of an ‘approved motorbike helmet’ and ensure that those helmets
    can not only be legally used but also legally supplied in NSW, and

    ensure that the ‘approved motorbike helmet’ bear a compliance marking to make it

    readily identifiable and to enable enforcement of the correct helmets by the Police.

    Does this signal an intention to impose a defacto replacement for the captive market that was imposed by the AS1698 only situation we had previously? Probably (it appears to imply) only in NSW?

    That appears to work against both the recent "deregulation" of the market and the moves to bring state regulations towards greater consistency, does it not?

    Can anyone clarify this for me?
  3. What hope have we got when the commission actually reference submissions like this

    http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/pr...2 - Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety in NSW.PDF

    Here's some gems from it

    "The cause of increased motorcycle accidents on road is due to the special privileges/allowances given to motorcyclists by NSW government"


    "We’ve seen so many motorbike accidents on the road lately. A case in point is a neighbor motorcyclist who was always boasting of beating the traffic and that his travelling time is halved on a motorbike than on a car. Unfortunately he just had an accident. We ourselves had so many near misses with motorbikes as they come so close to our car, squeezing in, almost touching our side or on our front. Driving now has become so stressful and nightmarish with so motorbikes that now I’ve given up driving."

    Then there's

    "Due to perceived safety concerns, freeways in certain countries and areas impose lower speed limits upon motorcycles than cars:" and they use wikipedia as a reference source.....
  4. Yes I wonder how much better Bulgaria's road safety record is than ours, with that differential speed limit
  5. lol... from a rental car place

    There are various dangers to watch out for when driving in Bulgaria. The roads are generally in poor condition, and lanes often do not have markings. You are advised to drive defensively as locals may be reckless, travelling at fast speeds and switching lanes without indicating.

    Particularly bad is the cross border road between the capital Sofia and Greece. Expect long delays. Ongoing road works make drivers even more impatient. There are also a number of heavy vehicles to watch out for.

    Driving in the countryside is beautiful but the roads are unpredictable. There can be potholes in certain areas and there is a risk of landslides. Watch out for animals in the road, especially when the harvest is taking place.

    Parts of Bulgaria can experience severe winter weather conditions so ask our rental staff about fitting winter tyres and snow chains to your vehicle.

    Avoid driving at night time if possible as some drivers may not have lights that work properly.

    Also avoid road rage at all costs, especially with drivers of expensive cars, as you do not know who you are dealing with.

    Bulgaria has a relatively high level of road accidents so you should be prepared. Do not move your car unless it is in a dangerous position, and wait for the police to arrive.

    ....yeah sounds awesome
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  6. #6 CJ Burns Esq, Nov 20, 2015
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    This has been sorted out in the Helmet Working Group and Centre for Road Safety have advised that the certification mark from ECE is perfectly OK.
    Therefor no additional certification required.

    Yep, they did have a couple of whackjobs dropping submissions into the inquiry.
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  7. I've quickly scanned to document, but did not see any recommendations for Recreational Registration in NSW, which is desperately needed.
  8. Is it?
  9. Yes it is.
  10. The Committee noted that overall, high risk rider behaviour appears to have decreased. The combination of enforcement, education and consultation seems to have played a vital role in this context. In particular, the fruitful partnership with the motorcycling community, which Transport for NSW has established, has become a vehicle for making a positive difference to riders’ safety in the State. This is a good achievement and Transport for NSW can be rightfully proud.

    Something that the petty autocrats in Victoria could learn a lot from.

    Good outcome CJB. Let's hope it translates into reality.
  11. Oh! OK, I just thought that it would add more motorbikes lounging about in sheds, with no real rego., for folk at barbecues, after a few beers, deciding "I'll show you lot how good a rider I am."
  12. Thanks for clearing that up CJ Burns EsqCJ Burns Esq , to me it stuck out like a sore thumb after all the angst about helmet law inconsistencies between states.
  13. Trouble is in nsw we have RMS the old RTA which controls roads and now ports,then we have transport nsw which control trains buses taxis and now trams , we have two separate departments trying to control motorists.in nsw the rms ,which pays the cost of the HWP to enforce the road rules . We have a roads Minister who flogs his road saftey message then we have the transport minister promising the trains and buses will run on time.And then we have the centre for road safety! In the end these dumb bureaucratic numb bats ( being polite) couldn't organise a you know what in a house of ill repute even though they probably frequent them . We can all hold our collective breathe. But really is any thing going change ?