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NSW State of Origin

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. discuss

  2. You given up so quickly Goz.

    Go Queensland
  3. ive given up cause its a shit team
  4. I still live in hope of a Blues win :grin:
  5. thats exactly whats going to happen
  6. Sharks win a couple of games against nobodies and Barret's some sort of saviour :roll:

    Hope I'm wrong, but another record looks like heading Qld's way - the foursweep :cry:
  7. Maybe we need to get that miracle painting into the Blues camp :grin:
  8. thats exactly right, while u have ryan and kimmorley who have played massive massive roles in keeping bulldogs up the top of the ladder, these selectors are kidding themselves
  9. we will need more than a miracle to win this 1 lol
  10. Get your cheerleader outfit on Goz :LOL:
  11. mate, im pissed :evil: :evil:
  12. I still can't believe Wallace has been retained. Also, Lockyer knows his game and Queensland will have him covered anyway. Should have kept Campese and put Kimmorley at #7

    Anyway, the game is still a good excuse for a few beers even though it's almost a forgone conclusion that Qld will win.
  13. josh morris is in now, they will win now, cant win without a bulldog :grin:
  14. Have NSW thought about selecting inglis or are they forever to let the farce of him playing for qld stand, the loss of wing is a big 1 he got em going through a tired qld pack in game 1, can't see how morris replaces him, he must go on at fullback and free gidley up to go to dummy half when farrar rests is my only guess
  15. i think hayne will move to fullback, morris to wing and gidley will be around the halves
  16. Mate love it. Agree 1 gazillion percent, GO MAROONS!!!!

    You don't have a large copy of that graphic so you?

    I need a new mousepad
  17. Have it in 1280 x 1024 , pm me which email address you want it sent to Vic.
  18. vic@netrider.net.au