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[NSW] St George Interclub - Eastern Creek Sun 15 June

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D1300, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Round 2 of the series is on at Eastern Creek this Sunday.

    Looks to be a huge event with most bike classes and sizes racing, everything from 125cc to unlimited. Also a huge BEARS field with half a dozen odd 1098's and over a dozen 675's.

    I believe that spectators are welcome - tickets at the gate are $20 from memory.

    Will any Netriders be racing or spectating?

  2. No. Not this time.
  3. This thread feels like a loose end, so here goes........

    I didn't get much of a chance to watch the other fields as I was pretty busy with my own racing and EC doesn't lend itself to competitor viewing like some smaller tracks.

    The clouds were ominous but thankfully it stayed dry for the day. The track was excellent but cold, it is winter I suppose. St George ran an absolutely professional day and the officials, marshalls and recovery crews deserve huge congratulations for a job well done.

    I believe there was over 180 racers! The Unlimiteds had a grid of about 40 and the BEARS F1 & F@ had 43 (before mechanical/crash attrition cut the numbers). All grids looked chockers, great to see road racing so well supported.

    The results are up on Natsoft for anyone interested but only two now from me. Craig McMartin took out the Unlimiteds and John Allen took out the BEARS F1.

    Every time I had a chance to spectate there was something worthwhile to see - dicing and close racing almost everywhere I looked. A personal favourite for me (having raced a 640) was watching the BEARS Formula 5 guys with about 5 KTM motards going hammer and tongs. 690, 640 and 525's racing with the lead changing almost every other lap and they were getting times in the 53's!!!!!!!!

    I saw no one from Netrider apart from Tex and Jen who came down for a looksee. Tex gave me the HTFU lecture and it appeared to have worked as I got a PB in the last race - there's a glimmer of hope for this old slow pretend wannabe racer yet......well probably not but it sure is a lot of fun! Tex had a glint in his eye though, perhaps reclaiming his F2 title is an option?

    From a Netrider perspective it's pretty lonely racing in NSW - for all the guys and gals who talk about getting knees down, wheelies and how fast they ride on the road........well and good. I love that stuff too (except the wheelies, can't do them for sh$t). But put some pennies aside and think about having a real race, so far as riding goes, there's no buzz like it.

    Rog sorry you weren't here for it.

  4. No worries dean. Hope to catch you at the "Hughie Hoare" meeting at Broadford in sept. I think that there is a "bears" class, but don't quote me yet.