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[NSW] St Albans Pub, Sun Jan 27th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Althasaur

    Doing this on Sunday so as not clash with Phizog's celebrations.
    Lunch will be at St Albans pub.


    The trip of 3 hours is actually about 1 hour... each way. All that doubling back. :D

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  2. It may help if a start point and time is posted up and road conditions etc etc

  3. Thanks for the consideration :) Depending on what happens on saturday, I might be sober enough to make this :) Unlikely, but possible.
  4. any idea this gonna have a dirt track/ goat track?
    PS: the OP just got a new dual-purpose bike :p :!:
  5. No can do got a prior engagement.
  6. Sorry about that guys..
    I had trouble with the excellent spam prevention measures in place in the Calender.
    I am looking at a late start, give everyone time to get over their hangovers.. :D
    Looking at routes on google maps and whereis.

    Someone on another forum has mentioned lunch at wollombie pub.
    Still working out all the details.

    Hope to cover some dirt, but all should be easy. (again from the other forum.. :))
    Ill post a route and times soon

    edit ... have a look at this google maps

    meet at 9.30 for 10.00 am leave, lunch and fuel at Wollombi then back :)
    There is 2 roads to get to St Albans, the "
    Take the Ferry than head to St Albans along Settler's road (less tar than St Albans Rd). " or St Albans Road. Both about the same distance. so all can come.. :)

    edit : Fuel may not be available at Wollombi, I will try to find out more and post back soon.

    btw I am not allowed out for to long... :(
  7. AFAIK, there is no fuel in Wollombi.

    Nearest would be Laguna about 10kms Sydney side of Wollombi

    Enjoy the ride and look forward to some pics of a dirty KLE :cool:
  8. Either that or go the extra 30k to Cessnock 154km each way
    Ill contact the one at Laguna to make sure they have fuel on Friday or Saturday.
  9. The road to Cessnock has nothing on the one to Broke - apart from traffic :wink:

    From Broke, any who want to go home via Putty can go via Milbrodale Road :cool:
  10. If its a mostly L friendly ride I might tag along.
    Considering that its also DD weekend.
  11. It will definitely be at an easy pace...

    Be prepared to get your bike dirty though...

    :-k thinking about "Yango Creek Road. It runs parallel to the Northern Road between Laguna & Wollombi (see google maps). Nice easy dirt with the occasional shallow causeway crossing - makes for great photo opportunities."
    [/end think]
  12. Dirt you say? :bolt:

    I'll get a lil dirt 250 one day..

    Have fun though!
  13. My bike is already dirty so a bit more dirt won't make any difference.
  14. dirt & waterways crossing? :shock: :bolt:
    The furthest i may tag along is prob up to Wisemans Ferrys crossing.
    Any meet point for the northerners?
  15. Hello,
    Just wondering if anyone is coming on this ride?
    If not I might try to organize something else.
  16. I'm going to have to pike on you. I have a damn cold and a coughing/ sneezing fit in a full face helmet will lead to disaster.
  17. Would be hilarious though! :D

    I'm fairly drunk nut at the moment so I def wont be there, have fun though!
  18. Phiz- I will happily pass this cold on if you want to give it a try.
  19. damn i wish i had my XR4 back :cry:
    have a good one today guys
  20. Went for a rise down south instead...
    Went on a track that was a bit beyond me though the guys was with were helpful when the occasion was needed.... 5 times I dropped it.. :woot:

    That is why I bought it...
    Bash Plate after my worst off..
    Dropped it 2 times on soft sand, and once on sandy stuff with a few rocks thrown in for good measure, and the one time that caused the ding...