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[NSW] Spray Painter

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by charoli, May 30, 2011.

  1. Had my mate spray up a dented 675 tank for me which I'll use on my track bike build. It's turned out so well I thought show everyone, cause he's happy to do do more of it. A few coats of clear to still go on top. All I did was bog up and prep the old tank and stuck on the sticker.


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    I was going to do a spray can job so really glad I didn't, now got him doing all the race glass. He's got the equipment and vented spray booth in his garage and does as a hobby.

    I'll post more of the fairings as they get done, but anyone looking for a backyard spray job, PM me.

    Tank before:


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  2. Looks good. You said you did the bogging etc? I'm looking to get my gf's ninja resprayed after a minor lowside and wondering what he'd need done for a quick respray.

    I can sand it back to plastic but just wondering if he prefers a patch done or the whole thing.

    I'll send a PM tonight and maybe a pic too to show what I'm talking about

  3. All I did was sand the damage back down to metal, bog, more bog. Sanded the bog and primed the damaged area with can of primer. Which actually took a bit of time.

    I think he ended up priming the whole tank anyway and 'fixed' some of my patch work. I think the more you can do (if it's a decent job) then the less he has to do.

    PM me and I'll pass his details and you can talk to him.
  4. Whoops. Meant to send a PM before!

    PM sent now!