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[NSW] Sportsbike Cruise, Sat Feb 10th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Joe

    We are organising a Sports Bike Cruise.

    Date: Saturday 10th February 2007
    Time: 9am Sharp
    Meet Point: Uncle Leos Truck Stop - Hume Highway Liverpool
    Directions: to Appin Road, down Bulli Pass and to the Destination
    Destination: Bald Hill Look ou...

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  2. Does a zzr count as sports ? :p No? Well too bad I'm coming anyway :LOL:
  3. sounds sweeeet...... i'm in too.
  4. yes it does......anything that resembles a sports bike is welcome
  5. Ok.. the head count so far are...

    - fabo
    - Rod
    - Mark_2007
    - Beano
    - Stuey
    - Green Ninja
    - Phizog
    - Micky B
    - Matchsticks
    - Michael
    - Trev
    - Deserteagle
    - r600
    - withnail
    - zigglyboy
    - mathewmatics
    - mathewmatics old man
    - flaming Ozy
    - Deepwater
    - cameron
    - loki
    - al bundy
    - gixer
    - donshe
    - loth
    - steve2909
  6. Joe, you know i'm there !
    The EJ20T brotherhood lives on man !!!

    Add me !!
  7. I knew you wouldnt miss it....you are the cruise King ! :grin:
  8. Hmm, I have cricket on every saturday.
    But you see...
    I have this sneaking suspician i may start to feel 'sick' on friday the 9th.
    I'll see what i can do.
  9. get your sportsbiker mates to come Paul !

    that dude on the ZX14 and ZX7R !!
  10. LOL, well technically they're not netriders...well not yet anyway, i'm working on that. I'll ask em though, was gonna ask you if you wanted them to come to your coffee night on this tuesday or next if you want?
  11. yeah, they are pretty good value !

    Let them know !
  12. k i will, do we know if its this tuesday or next tuesday yet for coffee. It would be a lot easier for me if it were on next tuesday
    also i got learners northern trip the week before, i'll see if any of them wanna come along on this ride too.
  13. Ahhh fecksticles - I have that week penciled in for camping :(

    I'll get a date confirmation and let you know Micky!
  14. And thats why people made rubbers
  15. Topic heading ..Sportsbike cruise .

    Mmmmm ,so that means no cruisers :(

    Oh well....... I ride my cruiser like a sports bike ,you sports bike riders that just want to cruise would just slow me down on a ride anyway.

  16. here's a map of the destination :grin:

  17. Hehe I'm sure people made 'rubbers' for somethin else...You mean ERASERS tho, don't you? :p hehe
  18. just wanna say all L and P platers are welcome

    this wont be a race but more a meet/cruise
  19. I'm in too.

    And this will be my first netrider group ride. Ooohh! Exciting!
  20. Hi guys. I've been a member of Netrider for quite some time now but haven't been posting. Well I'll be running in my new bike so I can't really ride it aggressively (unless of course I follow break-ins MotoMan style) so I'd go if as you say it's "definitely not a race".

    I can't make it at 9am cuz I've got dragon boat training until 10. How about meeting at Bald Hill and riding with the group back? What is your ETA to Bald Hill and I'll see if I can meet you guy there? What route will you be taking back form Bald Hill?