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[NSW] Speeding ticket on Ls and upgrading license before suspension?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by boy.racer, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. This is a tricky one that I can't figure out:

    I got done for 10Km and over this morning, which means license suspension, but I have the MOST test on friday.

    From what somebody else told me, demerit points are only added when the fine is paid, so if that is the case would it be possible to upgrade license to Ps before I pay the fine and cop the suspension?

    I have 21 days to pay it, but if I pass the test I can have my Ps by saturday.

    Any advice is appreciated :)
  2. They have closed all the loopholes. You've been done.
    I'm 99% certain of this.

    What were the circumstances? Fixed camera or radar?
  3. I understand you are able to IF you licence is not yet suspended. Obviously if it's already suspended, no. However, if it's not, I believe all is good.

    Can someone make me look good and agree now? ;)
  4. just go to the rta after you pass the most test and play dumb, dont talk about it, if they ask you, you have to tell them. If they give you your p's id say you have passed.
  5. there's a question you have to answer in the license application
    "Do you have any riding suspensions pending?"

    sucks mate.
    i got done on my Ls too. copped two months off
  6. Regardless of if you're on L's or P's it's still a suspension.
  7. Ah damn! Knew there'd be something like that.

    Oh well, I'll do the test anyway cos I payed for it, will be good practice at the very least and I've already taken the leave.

    Lilley, HP car sitting at the intersection got me on radar (he made a point of saying "I got you on video!").

    My first speeding ticket ever, bound to happen I guess.
  8. Ask to see the video :)
  9. I agree* with lowercase :D

    * but have not a clue as to whether she's right or not ;)
  10. Bad idea, I look really dorky on the GS...it'd be my most embarassing youtube vid to date 8-[
  11. WTF?
    Do you guys in NSW lose your license for 10K over on L's????

    For all the nanny state bashings we get in VIC, at least L & P platers still have 5 demerit points in a 12 month period to learn from.
    Years back we did have a straight to court system for speeding P platers but it was changed, maybe due to court rooms getting busy.
  12. You da man! =D>
  13. Nah mate, good idea! It's the evidence! If they don't have it or a radar speed... well =D>
  14. In NSW you will get a suspension on your Ps for any speeding offence.

    You nominally have more points on your green Ps, but new regulations governing speeding incidents mean that you will always receive a suspension.

    Just happens, I'm just lucky that I had my L plate attached this morning :D
  15. Just got me a refund on the test :(

    Suspension doesn't come into play for another 2-3 months (dependant on when SDRO forwards payment info to the RTA), then 3 month suspension, then I can do the MOST test.

    By then, I will have held my Ls for 2 years :rofl:

    So, looks to be Lilley was right, loopholes are closed shut, and if you get a suspension on one class of license it must be served on that class of license.
  16. L's and red P's both have four points I believe. But if you are on L's and red P's, all speeding offences are counted as at least 4 points.

    It doesn't matter, HWP don't officially need either.
    I think you may also find that your L's will expire and you will need to get them again. It sucks that it was HWP, if it was a fixed camera, you could get away with not knowing about the pending suspension. Even though you would still have to cop the three month suspension, you may just get away with keeping your P's after the suspension and you wouldnt need to do your L's again.

    Sorry, that bit about the L's is only if your licence expires while on suspension
  17. It can turn to your favor. Did this 2 years ago and it works. on my P got fined which would of resulted in minus points, waited did my full's then paid for the fine as once you pay your admitted to the crime!

    what ever you do dont pay for the fine as then its valid and rta will know about it.
    Go and do your P's or fulls whatever will give you extra points, then pay for your fine and the point will be taken of your new license.
  18. you dont do to well at reading do you?
  19. Can't find any mention of the auto suspension for speeding on green P's. Have you got a link I can read?

    From the RTA website I found these nuggets...


    So from that, my interpretation is that a P2 rider won't get suspended for a minor speeding offence. But L and P1 rider will.

    Fun Ha!
  20. P2's have seven points. something funny happens and two speeding fines (rather than one for P1) will earn a suspension.