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[NSW] Speeding offence for learner rider with unrestricted car license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by iahawk, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. hi everyone this is my first post so be nice to me.

    Over the last few days i have been searching this forum for answers relating to learner riders with full unrestricted car licenses.

    My question is that if you are on your L's for a motorcycle and lose your license whilst riding a bike do you lose your unrestricted car license? This seems to be a bit of a grey area due to the new Learner laws which give L platers 4 demerit points.

    I have heard alot of different answers to this question. It just seems odd and a bit weird that if you lose you rider learning permit you also lose your unrestricted car license.


  2. the permit is not a licence iirc. IT may be a case of you losing your permit, but not your licence, may not be as well. Ring the RTA, or speak to a local cop.
  3. thanks for the speedy reply. i have a feeling that now the L license has demerit points it is no longer classed as a permit but a license. I noticed that you're from melbourne. Im on the border to VIC and sometimes i wish i had a VIC learner license you guys seem to have less restrictions than us in NSW do!
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  5. I was of the impression that offences committed in the car are deducted from the 12 on your unrestricted, and offences on the bike were deducted from both. Ergo, speed on the bike, lose the learners permit and some points, but retain the car license.

    At any rate thats how I interpreted the system when I read the news article about it when it was announced.
  6. thats the impression i got, but wouldn't want an "impression" to be the cause of loss of licence. hopefully soemone familiar with the law reads this. the problem with the RTA website is that it doesn't state anything about learners who hold other category licences. In my opinion it should. i would assume this question pops up quite frequently.
  7. I would assume so also. Still being on my L's myself I'm as in the dark as you are about this one. Then again, the RTA website is about as informative as a North Korean history book.
  8. if you lose say 3 points or 4 and it causes you to lose your bike learners you lose it, but not your full car licence, your full car licence will also be 4 demerit points lighter but.
    If you did something that was enough speed to warrant 12 points of demerits or instant licence disqualificationie 45km/h over or whaterver the limit is set at now, say bye bye to car licence too
  9. Suspensions only apply to one class and disqualifications to both, right? But what would happen if you managed to lose 5 points while driving (unrestricted C, R Learner)? Points accrue across both classes so would you still cop a suspension on the bike?

    RTA site has absolutely **** all useful info on it.
  10. wrote a reply but then it evaporated...

    as previously posted (confirmed by RTA and a friend who sped on his Ps and got caught)

    speed on the bike and you loose points on both, if this puts you over 12 on the car, you loose that too.

    speed in the car, just loose points on that, not the bike, loose both if that puts you over 12

    hope that helps...
  11. In Vic, You lose one licence, You lose every licence you have, Stinks, but thats the way it is, They all have the same number.